ShipStation NetSuite Integration

Streamline order fulfillments and shipping on your web store by integrating your NetSuite ERP with your ShipStation account.

The Folio3 ShipStation NetSuite Integration Connector provides automated, real-time, two way integration between NetSuite and ShipStation, helping you save the time and cost involved in manually keeping both systems in sync.

Folio3 ShipStation NetSuite Integration – Key Features
  • Export designated fulfilled orders from NetSuite to ShipStation
  • Update shipment confirmations from ShipStation to NetSuite incl. order status & tracking information
  • Import inventory adjustments / updates from ShipStation to NetSuite and vice versa
  • Support for partial fulfillments & shipments sent in multiple packages
  • Automatic email notifications for error reporting
  • Any add-on features/functionality not supported out of the box, is available via customization.
Folio3 ShipStation NetSuite Integration Connector – Benefits
  • Automated synchronization of data – from orders placed to shipment processing in both systems, saves time, effort and cost
  • Hassle free shipment of multiple orders
  • Streamlined order fulfillment and logistics

Folio3 ShipStation NetSuite Integration Connector License – $2,400/year or $1,200/6 months
One time setup fee of $500

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