NetSuite Spree Commerce Integration

Automatically transfer orders, customers, inventory, fulfillment, refunds & more in real-time

Spree Connector Cycle

Seamlessly Synchronize Data Between Spree Commerce & NetSuite

Synchronize your Spree Commerce storefront and NetSuite back office with Folio3’s NetSuite Spree Commerce Integration Connector.

The connector is a pre-built, two-way integration solution that automates and accelerates your eCommerce retail operation by automatically synchronizing all sales, fulfillment, inventory and billing data between the two systems, enabling you to focus on more important tasks.

Netsuite spree Integration

NetSuite Spree Commerce Connector Highlights

Centralized Stock Management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and handle it all from one system


Easy Order Management

Automatically sync sales orders between Spree Commerce & NetSuite


Quick Fulfillment

Swiftly convey fulfillment and tracking info to your users


Unified Product Info

Ensure consistent product information, like color, size, price, description, etc., on your online store


Quick Refunds

Ensure customer satisfaction by processing and issuing refunds in time


Added Functionalities

Get custom workflows and functionalities like automatically syncing canceled orders, delisting items, etc


Swift Deployment

Get your integration up and running quickly and with ease


Extensive Customizations

Customize the integration to fit your business processes


Real-time Dashboards

Get complete visibility on the integration status in a comprehensive dashboard

Netsuite Spree Comm Integration Benefits

Fully automated integration helps you save time, effort and cost


Eliminates manual data entry & human error


Supports multiple Spree Commerce storefronts


Fully customizable – tailored to your business processes


Free Support

Synchronize your Spree Commerce Storefront and NetSuite Back Office

  • Product & Inventory Synchronization
  • Automatically transfer product information (name, description, pricing, images, etc.) between NetSuite and SpreeCommerce
  • Update inventory levels from NetSuite to Spree Commerce
  • Import and export supporting item data including item variants, bundles, matrix items, etc
  • Process fulfillment, shipments and tracking from a central location
  • Import sales orders and customer data from Spree Commerce to NetSuite
  • Import billing data for each order from Spree Commerce to NetSuite
  • Export fulfillments & shipping details from NetSuite to Spree Commerce
  • Sync invoices from NetSuite to Spree Commerce
  • Support for recurring sales orders and order cancellations
  • Support for multiple payment methods and payment gateways
  • Export fulfillment statuses from NetSuite to Spree Commerce
  • Export shipping details (including carrier, package & tracking information) from NetSuite to Spree Commerce
  • Support for partial fulfillments
  • Supports multiple shipping carriers & methods

Netsuite Spree Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite Shopify Integration Connector License Cost – $2,400/year or $1,200/6 months.

A one-time setup charge of $500 (for single store deployment) is also applicable for every integration. For multi-store deployment, the implementation charges are $500 for each additional store.

Any add-on features/functionality not supported out of the box, are available via customization.

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