Netsuite Suitescript: Valuable Debugging Tips

Netsuite Suitescript: Valuable Debugging Tips

Here is a quick and easy tip for debugging netsuite suitescript using the SuiteScript Debugger.

When debugging a lengthy Netsuite SuiteScript using the SuiteScript Debugger, you can use the debugger keyword in the SuiteScript to add a break point, similar to how we do so in JavaScript.

Use Case for NetSuite Suitescript Debugging

As you know, we typically break code into libraries which are included in the script. Sometimes though, you may need to debug a specific method in the library. You can use the debugger keyword in this scenario, to insert breakpoints in the script, in order to check which functions that particular method is invoking. If you do not the debugger keyword, you’ll need to manually add breakpoints in the Netsuite SuiteScript Debugger, which is both time consuming and tedious.

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