How to fix the Journal Entry Bug in NetSuite Release 2017.1

With the recently unveiled 2017.1 NetSuite release (version upgrade), it has been observed that the Journal Entries are double booked in the Trial Balance. As this is a known issue, NetSuite is working on a fix to resolve this bug permanently. In the mean time though, you can perform the steps below to fix this issue on a temporary (till the official NetSuite patch comes out). Here’s how you can fix the Journal Entry Bug in NetSuite Release 2017.1

  1. Go to Home > Set Preferences.
  2. On the Analytics tab, set Report by Period to ‘Never’
  3. Click Save button.

Since the steps above are user preferences, you will need to apply these same changes individually to each user’s account NetSuite, in order to fix the Journal entry bug in NetSuite Release 2017.1.

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