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The Go-To Property Management Solution For Real Estate Owners, Property Managers & Tenants Leveraged By NetSuite

Our NetSuite dependant Property Management Solution manages rental listing, lease, tenant, maintenance, accounting, and more with just a few clicks.

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Property Management tasks

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The one-stop solution to these problems and much more can be achieved with the Property Management Suite by Folio3! Whether you want to streamline property management workflows, manage tenant complaints or you need a solution to align accounting and inspection timelines, our Property Management module will be an apt solution.

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The Go-To Property Management Solution Powered By NetSuite

It is a SaaS-based property management system fully integrated with the Oracle NetSuite ERP that helps with tenant and manager relationships and optimizing property management for property owners.

Our Property Solution is a specialized solution for Real Estate Business Owners & Property Managers with data automation, easy management of finances, contracts, leasing, accounting, maintenance, tenants, and much more.

Leverage the industry leading accounting and reporting features of Oracle NetSuite alongside a modern cloud-based Property Management solution to automate your real estate business workflows.

Single platform for all your needs

Out-of-the-box, all-in-one functionality for your real estate business.

So Easy, Anyone Can Use It

Simplified user interfaces for improved productivity. Yield better results with our solution!

Easy and actionable dashboards

Dashboard widgets provide a bird's eye view of important information such as unit occupancy ratio, pending requests, and lease status. Our solution offers an easy-to-read, understandable, and simple control dashboard that provides a bird's eye view of the most critical information for your daily property management tasks.

Power-packed features

With its power-packed features, our property management solution enables you to focus your attention and vitality on the more important tasks and workflows such as taking control of profitable information on how your vacant properties are listed timely, representative maintenance, fulfillment, and profitability.

Simpler data entry for better (Operation management)

Visibility for property managers & owners to gather data from several departments across the company; the system eradicates this step by not only collecting and storing the data but also representing it in reports and dashboard widgets, allowing managers to handle tenant feedback more effectively.

Centralized property management

A centralized property management system helps eliminate manual management and facilitates transactions related to day-to-day activities in a single place.

User and roles management

Role-based access to manage access based on user type, Property manager, Owner, and Tenant access can be provided.

Maintenance module for quick fixtures

The maintenance module of REM solution automates management tasks. It connects internal staff to tenants to resolve disputes or hire vendors to fix any damages or appliance related issues.

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Who can benefit from our REM Solution?

Any business facing hurdles with contract and tenant management or finding it difficult to tackle day-to-day aspects of property administration could save countless hours with our Real Estate Management Solution.

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Folio3's Property Management Solution

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Consolidated management of all Contracts created within the solution synced with Oracle NetSuite ERP

Contract Management

End to end contract management lifecycle, from the draft application, move-in through move-out.

Rent Collection

Automated process to generate invoices in Property Suite, real-time syncing to NetSuite for rent collection.

Lead and Contact Management

From listing a unit and gathering the interest of prospective tenants as applicants (lead) and creating them in REM Software as a tenant as soon as a lease is created.

Lead to Tenant Cycle

From listing a unit and gathering the interest of prospective tenants as applicants (lead) and creating them in Property Management Suite as a tenant as soon as a lease is created.

Centralized Contacts

Tenants, owners, vendors, and agents are managed in a centralized manner and synced to NetSuite based on their type.

Transaction Management

All of the financial and non-financial transactions are initiated in Property Management Suite and synced to NetSuite, transactions such as properties, units, lease agreements, invoices, vendor bills, contacts, etc.

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