Available Quantity of Kit/Package Items

Some time customer would like to display the total available quantity of Kit/Package items through saved search. A simple search shows empty available quantity for Kit/Package item because member items are associated with Kit item and the quantity of Kit item depends on the quantity of its components. The solution is here: 1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Item 2. On Criteria > Standard > Filter > i. Type = Kit/Package ii. Inactive = false. 3. On Results > Columns > Fields: Name i. Name – Set Summary Type = Group ii. Formula (Numeric) –...

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Prevent Usage Limit Exceeded Exception In Client Script

Most of the time a situation comes in NetSuite where we need to upsert or delete hundreds or thousands of records either these are custom records or standard records. In this situation, we can upsert or delete all those records: 1) By writing scheduled script. 2) By Deleting Records From UI Using Inline Editing Feature. 3) By writing a client script. Most of the developers know about the above two methods. Some times we need to do the heavy job on client side which consumes API governance then we can use the third method. But there is one question arrives...

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How to Customize the NetSuite Search API to Search For 1000+ Records in NetSuite

Hi, In this post I’ll show you how to customize the Search API in NetSuite to search for more than 1000 records. As you know, NetSuite provides an in-built search method for retrieving supported records by using the nlapiSearchRecord API. The only limitation of this API is that can only search through 1000 rows at a time. This can be a problem when you want to search for more than 1000 records, for instance, for performing some calculation. You can work around this limitation by tweaking the script  of (customizing) the Search API, thereby enabling it to search for more than a thousand records. Let’s...

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