NetSuite Amazon Integration

Maximize your sales by reaching millions of buyers on the Amazon marketplace while leveraging the proven back-office features of NetSuite.

With the Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector, you can focus on managing orders and inventory availability, without worrying about keeping your Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite accounts in sync.

The Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector supports all Amazon marketplaces (US, CA, UK, FR, IT, ES, DE, JP, CN).

NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector – Key Features
    Orders & Customer Sync
  • Automatically transfers all orders & associated customer data to NetSuite as soon as customers check out on the Amazon marketplace
  • Automatically Identifies repeat customers in the system
  • Supports both FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) order types
    Product & Inventory Sync
  • Automatically publish item listings from NetSuite to Amazon including details like Item Name, Images, Metadata, Price, Price Levels, Item Categories, Kits, Bundles, Variations, etc.
  • Update inventory quantities from multiple warehouses in NetSuite to Amazon (in real-time)
  • Supports multiple NetSuite item types (including inventory, non-inventory, matrix and kit items)
  • Track your Amazon FBA inventory in real-time from NetSuite
  • Update item pricing (in real-time) from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Supports all Amazon Product Categories
    Fulfillment & Shipping Sync
  • Automatically sync fulfillment status and shipping data (including carrier & tracking number) from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Support for partial fulfillment
  • Ability to reconcile FBA shipments
  • Create FBA Shipments and Transfer Orders / Inventory Transfers
    Billing & Invoices Sync
  • Automatic generation of cash sales and invoices in NetSuite
  • Automatic synchronization of invoices from NetSuite to Amazon in real-time
  • Automatic synchronization of settlement reports from Amazon to NetSuite including Amazon commissions and FBA fees & charges
    Refunds & Cancellations Sync
  • Automatically import refunds from Amazon to NetSuite (in-real time)
  • Automatically import order cancellations from Amazon to NetSuite (in-real time)
    Add-On Features (Available via Customization)
  • Repricer – only $25/month
  • Essential if you list in competitive categories.
  • Has a full set of features that let you control adjustment-amount, floor and ceiling amounts, and initial-price values.
  • Set up rules to win the buy-box in order to maximize your sales.
  • Supports multiple rule-sets so that different items can be repriced according to different rules.
  • We also offer the ability to do shipping overrides for individual items.
  • Import refunds from Amazon
  • Import inventory from Amazon FBA
  • Settlement report processing to import fees and other adjustments to corresponding or new transactions in NetSuite
  • Inbound shipping integration to automate sending your shipments to Amazon FBA so you can manage it in NetSuite
  • Can import FBA inventory as a report or as automated inventory adjustments to NetSuite
  • Any add-on features/functionality not supported out of the box, are available via customization.
    Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector – Benefits
  • Seamless, automated integration with NetSuite helps save time & effort
  • Support both Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) listings and transactions in one connector
  • Extremely flexible – add additional functionality or customize product or transaction field mappings based on whether they are FBM, FBA, etc.
  • Low-cost, monthly fee
  • Dedicated support team
NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector License Cost – $2,400/year or $1,200/6 months
One time setup fee of $500

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