ILG 3PL System NetSuite Integration Connector

A NetSuite SuiteScript based application utilizing a middleware SFTP server to send and receive files in .csv format or our new API based integration between NetSuite & ILG 3PL system to streamline and sync the workflows.

ILG 3PL NetSuite Integration Connector Features

Seamless NetSuite ILG 3PL System Integration

Integrating this connector with multi-loaded features allows you to sit back and relax while the automation takes care of everything. Folio3’s connectors are easy to integrate because its deployment compatibility with your ILG system is so great.

Track better, stay informed and make smarter decisions with our NetSuite ILG 3PL Connector.

Script Based NetSuite Integration

New Update​

Support for ILG’s SNAP WMS in Folio3 NS-ILG Integration

Folio3 NS-ILG Integration now extends its support to ILG’s latest Warehouse Management System (WMS) – SNAP.

Clients utilizing the Folio3 NS-ILG Integration will now benefit from enhanced flexibility with two available interfaces offered by ILG for seamless connectivity to their platform:?

CSV (File-based Connection):

Our SuiteScript-based application facilitates the transfer of files in .csv format through a middleware FTP/SFTP server, ensuring a smooth exchange of data between NetSuite and ILG’s SNAP WMS.

APIs Integration:

With our newly developed API-based integration, clients can establish a direct and streamlined connection between NetSuite and ILG’s 3PL system. This integration optimizes workflows, enabling real-time synchronization and efficient data exchange.

Seamless Setup via SNAP WMS:

Our updated Folio3 NS-ILG Integration not only supports ILG’s SNAP WMS but also simplifies the setup and connection process between NetSuite and SNAP WMS. Whether clients prefer the file-based CSV connection or the API integration, they now have the flexibility to choose the interface that aligns best with their specific business requirements.

NetSuite ILG 3PL Connector Highlights

Sales Order

The automated export will send ‘pending fulfillment’ orders along with shipping information from NetSuite to the ILG 3PL at pre-set intervals. The transmitted order data will also include sales order fields like ‘order reference, delivery address information, product code, quantity, customs value and delivery service’.

Order Status

‘Order status’ will be automatically imported from ILG 3PL into NetSuite which will include ‘order reference and current order stage’

Order Dispatch

‘Order dispatch’ would be imported from ILG 3PL system to NetSuite including the following fields: ‘order reference, pieces, weight, carrier name and carrier tracking number’

Return Authorization

Automatic Synchronization of ‘return authorization’ including ‘order reference, product code and quantity’ fields from NetSuite to ILG 3PL

Return Receipts

Automatic Synchronization of ‘return receipts’ including ‘order reference, product code, quantity, return reason code and return status’ fields ILG 3PL system to NetSuite

Product Master Data

Automatic sync of ‘product master data’ including product code, description and barcode’ from NetSuite to ILG 3PL platform

New & Updated Purchase Orders

Automatic sync of ‘new and updated purchase orders’ (the ones whose receipt process has not yet started) from NetSuite to ILG 3PL platform at pre-set intervals. The workflow will also synchronize ‘product code, description, barcode, PO number, expected receipt date and quantity’

Purchase Order Receipts

Automatic sync of ‘purchase order receipts’ including ‘product code, description, barcode, PO number and receipt quantity’ fields from ILG 3PL platform to NetSuite

Store/Stock Movement

Automatic sync of ‘store/stock movement’ including ‘stock movement reference, reason code, product code, quantity, from store id, to store id’ fields from ILG 3PL platform to NetSuite

Stock Adjustments

Automatic sync of ‘stock adjustments’ including ‘stock adjustment reference, reason code, product code, quantity and store id’ fields from ILG 3PL platform to NetSuite

Easy Deployment

It’s easy to deploy and configure with your existing ILG 3PL and management systems

A world of Customizations

More features may be added to the ILG 3PL NetSuite Integration Connectors to fulfill any additional needs

E-Mail alerts

Emails alerts for transactions and error reporting will be sent to the NetSuite admin

ILG 3PL NetSuite Integration Connector Features

NetSuite ILG 3PL Integration Benefits

Some of the many benefits of Folio3's ILG NetSuite Connector


A one-stop fully automated solution to manage all your shipments


Track all your shipment information


Have your shipment data synchronized across both platforms


Save time by smoothly integrating the NetSuite to your ILG 3PL system


Integration advancement is possible; multiple additional features can be added


Fast deployment – can be achieved without needing to code

Features of NetSuite and ILG 3PL Integration

  • Sync ‘pending fulfillment’ orders from NetSuite to ILG 3PL platform
  • Sync ‘order status’ data from NetSuite to ILG 3PL system
  • Sync ‘order dispatch’ data from ILG 3PL to NetSuite
  • Sync ‘return authorizations’ from NetSuite to ILG 3PL system
  • Sync ‘return receipts’ from ILG 3PL to NetSuite
  • Sync ‘product master data’ from NetSuite to ILG 3PL platform
  • Sync ‘new and updated purchase orders’ from NetSuite to ILG 3PL system
  • Sync ‘purchase order receipts’ from ILG 3PL platform to NetSuite
  • Sync ‘store/stock movement’ data from ILG 3PL platform to NetSuite
  • Sync ‘stock adjustments’ from ILG 3PL platform to NetSuite
  • Receive ‘transaction wise’ email alerts
  • Receive ‘error reporting’ email alerts

NetSuite ILG 3PL Integration Pricing​

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This connector is robust in nature and can fulfill all your needs. If, however, you wish to have some additional features added to it. You may share your requirements for Custom NetSuite Features, and our team will get back to you. For connectors with pre-loaded features or new integration solutions, please visit our NetSuite Integration page.

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