Folio3’s Custom-made NetSuite Integration Connectors & Modules

Folio3’s technology-specific NetSuite connectors integrate with your existing systems (CRM & CMS) to smoothen your business processes by synchronizing various elements of your tech infrastructure so you can focus on the bigger picture.

The Benefits of Integrating these Connectors with your Systems?

Every connector comes with a set of different feature sets. Our connectors have been developed in ways that help your businesses run more efficiently. Here are a few of the benefits that come with the integration of various proprietary connectors by Folio3’s with your applications:

  • Reduced manual work
  • Completely automated
  • Automatic synchronization to and from NetSuite, making NetSuite your one-stop shop to manage your entire system from one point of control
  • Mitigates errors
  • Improves response time as all updated data is available in real-time
  • Smoothens incoming and outgoing orders
  • Improves your order management and fulfillment processes
  • Customized alerts available
  • Pre-built Dashboards to get all the information you need
  • Data Import and Export may also available

Apart from this, various other features can be made available to you with our customized NetSuite Solutions.

Integrate eBay & NetSuite

Integrate Walmart & NetSuite

Integrate eBay Motors & NetSuite

Integrate Joor & NetSuite

Integrate Amazon & NetSuite

Integrate WooCommerce & NetSuite

Integrate BigCommerce & NetSuite

Integrate Spree Commerce & NetSuite

Integrate Magento & NetSuite

Integrate Shopify & NetSuite

Integrate Stripe & NetSuite

Integrate Square & NetSuite

Integrate Zendesk & NetSuite

Integrate SalesForce & NetSuite

Integrate SalesForce & NetSuite

Integrate Palletways & NetSuite


Integrate DPD & NetSuite


Integrate ILG & NetSuite

Integrate WayFair & NetSuite

Integrate Moulton & NetSuite

Integrate Aramex & NetSuite

Integrate Fulex & NetSuite

Integrate DHL Parcel & NetSuite

Integrate DHL Express & NetSuite

Trading Partner Connectors

Integrate AmberRoad & NetSuite

Mailing System Connectors

Integrate Gmail & NetSuite

Mobility Solutions

Custom NetSuite Mobility Solutions for your Business

Realty Solutions

NetSuite Real Estate / Property Management Module

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