NetSuite ManoMano Connector

Synchronize sales orders and fulfillment information with ManoMano NetSuite Integration.

Seamless NetSuite & ManoMano Integration

Integrate the ManoMano connector with NetSuite for easier customer information synchronization and to import sales orders and export order fulfillment information. Order configuration will be a lot simpler with ManoMano Integration. This connector integration will make it easier for you to export information about order fulfillment and will also help you in compiling data regarding new orders, addresses, and customer records. 

Integration with ManoMono will allow you to easily manage customer data, sales orders, and fulfillment information.

NetSuite ManoMano Connector Highlights


Syncing of the Products from NetSuite to ManoMano can be done efficiently.

Sync Fulfillment

Information for newly created fulfillment orders can also be gathered when NetSuite is integrated with ManoMano.


Order refund records can be quickly done with ManoMano Integration.

Sales orders

Sales order information with buyer details can be synchronized when ManoMano is integrated into NetSuite.


Synchronization of Customer data, including sales orders, addresses, and billing details, with ManoMano NetSuite is also possible.

NetSuite ManoMano Integration Benefits


Helps with better handling of errors and sales logs


Up-to-date reporting for sales orders, customer data, and refund records


Greater efficiency with automated data compilation, data transformation, and data synchronization



Customization of the features to provide you with a foolproof solution enabling structured processing of data


Features of NetSuite and ManoMano Integration

Information Sync

With ManoMano NetSuite Integration, sync sales order information with customer details swiftly. Configuration and customer record updates are now simpler than ever with ManoMano Integration.

Fulfillment Information

Export fulfillment information from Netsuite to ManoMano with the fulfillment sync feature

Payment Information

Sale order refund Transactions are exported from NetSuite to ManoMano for accurate payment processing.

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