NetSuite for Nonprofit Organizations

A single, comprehensive cloud-based application designed to manage your entire non-profit organization.

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    NetSuite Empowers Nonprofits for Greater Impact

    As a non-profit, you likely face numerous challenges. NetSuite simplifies tasks and saves time for your team. It streamlines processes, removes manual work, and offers the scalability required for non-profits of all sizes, from grassroots to large entities.

    Product Overview

    NetSuite offers a complete business management solution that empowers non-profits to oversee all operations using a single, versatile application. NetSuite’s integrated platform covers everything from non-profit accounting and fundraising to CRM, ERP, inventory management, e-commerce, and more.

    Constituent Relationship Management

    Connect with donors, volunteers, supporters, and clients through NetSuite’s comprehensive platform.

    Streamlined Project Management

    Get real-time visibility into your project, so you’re always in the know about what’s happening in management and operations.

    Accounting and Finance

    Get operational excellence with customized financial management that tackles complex requirements using NetSuite.

    Smart Resource Allocation

    You’ll have the visibility to see and allocate resources, which helps you properly utilize your resources.

    Data Collection for Informed Decision-Making

    Empower frontline teams with instant access to data and insights on any device, promoting faster and more effective communications. 

    Instant Accessibility for Nonprofits

    Empower frontline teams with instant access to data and insights on any device, promoting faster and more effective communications.

    Enhanced Fundraising

    Increase fundraising effectiveness and gain a holistic view of constituents, enabling nonprofits to impact their fundraising efforts significantly.

    Global Operations Simplification

    Nonprofits streamline global operations, utilizing global financial capabilities for international activities, simplifying cross-border activities.

    E-commerce Growth

    Drive online revenue for nonprofits by selling products and services on the web, fostering growth and sustainability in the digital landscape.

    Benefits for Non Profit Organizations

    • Empower Your Nonprofit’s Finances: Streamline accounting with real-time insights and automation. Minimize errors and manual work by leveraging NetSuite for efficient financial processes.
    • Innovative Fund Management: Ensure compliance with GAAP for diverse revenue streams and easily report under FASB standards for financial clarity.
    • Efficient Grant Handling: Effortlessly monitor grants at every stage of their lifecycle, ensuring comprehensive visibility into contributions and expenses.
    • Transparency in Financial Operations: Create custom segments for clearer and more efficient fund management. Accurately track diverse revenue sources to gain valuable insights.
    • Effective Spend Oversight: Automate procurement to gain spending insights. Implement tight budget controls and monitor spending trends in real time.
    • Accessible Global Cloud Platform: Easily manage global nonprofits in the cloud with a unified platform for overseeing multinational organizations.

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