NStitch Manufacturing Solution for Apparel & Fashion Businesses by Folio3

A custom tailored ERP solution, built on top of NetSuite to Simplify AFA business processes with Comprehensive Tracking and Management.

Track various stages of In-house and Outsourced Production processes, to get visibility and control across different functions

Attain absolute command and transparency over your production process by utilizing Folio3's NStitch Manufacturing Solution

Do you encounter challenges in your apparel and fashion business such as:

Eliminate the need for multiple systems and maintain Full Traceability and Control with Folio3’s Cut Make & Trim Solution.

A unified system designed specifically for Apparel and Fashion businesses to get data-driven insights and visibility on every single step of resource management that includes Material planning, procurement, consumption, and bringing cost efficiency in the production process.

Find out about how it works!

Industry-Leading Cut Make & Trim Manufacturing Solution 

Built on top of NetSuite for Your Apparel and Fashion Business – designed by Folio3

A single customized ERP solution designed for apparel and fashion businesses to plan, monitor, and optimize production processes and generate comprehensive reports with a few clicks to help identify bottlenecks and allows AFA businesses to make informed and better decisions faster.

NStitch Manufacturing Solution provides easy tracking of production stages, gives full control and visibility of production processes, and helps manufacturing businesses with efficient tracking of wastages and damages during production processes.


Unified System for all your needs

A customized one-stop solution built to streamline your apparel and fashion business operations

Easy to use

Modern yet simplified user interface - Easy Tracking of  Production stages i.e. different sizes & colors using a consolidated production order

Gain Maximum control and visibility 

Make informed decisions by gaining full control and visibility of production processes 

Cost-efficient Production Planning 

Enhance profitability with an efficient tracking module that provides analysis of wastages and damages during production processes. 

Optimize Production Processes 

Optimize production processes by planning production stages, monitoring progress, identifying potential issues, and timely managing inefficiencies

Comprehensive Reports in just a few clicks 

Produce reports such as WIP Status Reports, Cost Sheets, and Delivery Tracking Reports, providing your AFA enterprise with valuable insights to identify hindrances and make well-informed business decisions

Learn how Naked Wardrobe transformed its apparel business with Folio3’s Cut Make & Trim Production Solution.

Who Can Benefit From Folio3 NStitch Solution?

Apparel and Fashion businesses facing challenges in planning the inventory of raw materials, managing production processes, cost tracking, and analysis, can take full leverage from our custom-tailored ERP solution.

All you can do with

Folio3’s Cut Make & Trim Production Solution 

Production Order

NStitch Solution supports sub-assemblies and generates linked Production Orders automatically when included in the Finished Assembly's BOM.

Order cancellations 

Cancel any Production Order at any given point. Unconsumed raw material quantities will automatically be transferred to the central warehouse and parks the WIP cost to the damages account.

Re-Work Order

Our system functionality is built to re-perform a particular task in case any modification(s) or extra work is required. 

Purchase Order

Generates service Purchase Orders for outsourced services and automatically makes them a part of the finished assembly cost

Record Costs

Throughout the process, our solution makes sure that all labor and overhead charges are recorded and converted into a product cost.

Cost of Finished Goods

Our system calculates the overall incurred cost for the product and distributes them to each quantity of Finished Assembly and ensures that all costs get absorbed and become a part of it.

Custom Routing

Our NStitch Solution supports sub-assemblies and generates linked Production Orders automatically when included in the Finished Assembly's BOM.solution enables companies to manage their different production steps i.e. (cutting, sewing, and embroidery) within the production order. This tracking enables companies to take proactive measures to avoid delays and get production done on time and able to make timely deliveries to customers.

Sourcing of Production Order

Create Production orders against sales/transfer orders to meet customer requirements. Plan proactively for seasonal demands by tracking inventory levels. Additionally, manually update or change requirements at your convenience.

Transfer Orders for Raw Materials

Our system auto-creates the transfer orders for raw materials that need to be moved from Main Warehouse to Vendor / Production which helps you move raw materials to their respective locations in a timely manner to avoid delays in production.

Components’ consumption Tracking

Record product components’ consumption and get the true inventory picture of raw materials at any given point in the production process.

Custom Reports for Maximum Visibility

Generate multiple reports including CUT Tickets that gives clear visibility to the Production department on what to produce and when along with the cost analysis that helps organizations to re-engineer their existing processes and build cost-efficient products.

Additional features you can get on-demand

Lot control

Our system allows you to handle lot-number items in component consumption and receiving of finished goods

Full-packaged Outsourced Production

Our system is capable of handling a full-package production process, i.e. purchasing finished goods from a single vendor and then managing them by specified production processes, like grading, QC, etc.

Repair Functionality

A repair functionality is available that helps customers to manage the returned goods and perform re-working on them for further sale

Hear from our Clients!

“NSTITCH module helped us streamline our cutting, sewing, and shipping process. The system generates multiple POs for multiple suppliers and vendors, for us in just a few clicks. It has brought so much ease, transparency, and flexibility to our processes.”

Kamelia Kaviani
Chief Financial Officer, Naked Wardrobe

Our Team is all geared up to help you deploy this system.

Scale your business with ease using folio3’s cut make & trim manufacturing solution

Frequently Asked Questions

ERP in fashion refers to Enterprise Resource Planning systems specifically designed for the fashion industry, integrating various business processes like supply chain management, inventory control, production, production planning, and sales forecasting.

NetSuite is one of the popular ERP system used by many fashion wholesale and retail business, offering them a robust features for managing inventory, production of fabric and finished articles, order processing, financials, and CRM. Besides NetSuite, there are some other good options available in a market like SAP Fashion Management and Infor CloudSuite Fashion.

ERP systems offer the textile industry a powerful tool to manage its complex operations, optimize resources, improve efficiency, and respond effectively to the ever-changing market demands.

Apparel software refers to specialized software applications designed for the fashion and apparel industry. It encompasses various solutions, including product lifecycle management (PLM), inventory management, order processing, and sales analysis tools, helping businesses streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency

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