NetSuite Folio3 Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved on devices from websites visited. They allow the website to record personal details and preferences (such as login, font size and display preferences) to avoid the hassle of reentering this information on every visit to the particular webpage.

Third-party cookies

When you use the website, you may also be sent third party cookies.
Our advertisers and service providers may send you cookies. They may use the information they obtain from your use of their cookies:

  1. To track your browser across multiple websites
  2. To build a profile of your web surfing
  3. To target advertisements which may be of particular interest to you
  4. To analyze the use of the website (analytics tools)

How Do We Use Them?

Cookies do not contain information that can personally identify someone, rather personal information stored by the website on visitors can be linked to the information gained by the cookies.

The cookies that are stored on the website include those necessary for access and navigation, to track usage (performance cookies), remember choices (functionality cookies) and provide targeted content and advertising. This information is stored and used to fulfil the following purposes:

  1. Improve the website’s usability
  2. Improve the website user experience
  3. Analyze the use of the website

Personalize the website for visitors, including targeted marketing strategies

Third Party Cookies

While using a website, it is also possible to be sent third party cookies through advertisers, service providers and so forth. The following functions can be completed by third parties through the use of these cookies:

  1. Tracking a browser across multiple websites
  2. Building a profile of web surfing activities
  3. Targeting advertisements according to user interests
  4. Analyzing the use of the website

How Long Do Cookies Remain on a Device?

The amount of time cookies remain on your device depends on their type, i.e. whether they are persistent or session cookies. Persistent cookies remain active until they either expire or are deleted, while session cookies only last while browsing. Cookies can be controlled for information or manually removed.

How to Control Cookies?

Cookies can be either controlled or deleted as per the user’s wish (for details please visit Not only can existing cookies be deleted from a browser but settings can also be modified to prevent any new ones from being installed. However, doing so will require manual adjustments to preferences every time certain websites are visited, along with restrictions on services and functionalities that can be accessed.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used by Folio3 to gather information on how the website is used. Information collected on use of the website is transmitted and stored by Google on servers in the United States. IP-anonymization is activated to ensure that individual IPs are anonymized as early as possible in the collection process.

After the information is collected, it is used by Google on Folio3’s behalf to analyze use of the website, compiling reports related to activity and providing related services on the site and internet usage. The IP address that is used within the scope of Google Analytics is not associated with other information that is held by Google.

Cookies may be refused through the appropriate browser settings, however, this will result in an inability to access services comprehensively. It is also possible to modify device settings to not be tracked by Google Analytics by downloading and installing ‘Google Analytics Opt-out –Browser Add-on’. To view further information on Google’s policies for processing personal data please visit