Folio3 is a Certified NetSuite Alliance Partner. We pride ourselves in working with Oracle NetSuite as its trusted and highly recommended partner.

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We are a full-service NetSuite servicing agency. Our firm helps clients with all NetSuite matters. We provide 360-degree solutions for NetSuite. Folio3 has climbed up to the level of ‘Tier 1 NetSuite Partner’.

Our client feedback speaks loudly about our service delivery. We put our clients first and their satisfaction is the driving force that keeps us going.

If you’re a business looking to upgrade your business with NetSuite, Folio3 should be your first choice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite services are a whole range of services that a business needs – from professional services to education services to support services.

A full-service company can offer you comprehensive NetSuite services and support. So, you do not need to look for any other solution throughout your business cycle.

Through NetSuite Services, you get access to assistance in implementation and optimization and receive continuous support to address hiccups you confront at any point of your business cycle.

NetSuite is a leading provider of Software as a Service (Saas), which differs from on-premise or hybrid business solutions.

It offers cloud services for just about anything your business needs, including CRM, accounting, inventory, eCommerce, and professional services.

In addition to being a SaaS, NetSuite is also a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

In other words, this means NetSuite offers businesses cloud capabilities and creates interactions with other software systems.

Before looking for a NetSuite servicing company, devise a plan for the business objectives you want to achieve with NetSuite services.

Once you have a concrete plan at hand and know what you need, your search can get a lot easier.

  • The first point to consider when looking for a NetSuite servicing company is to check what their existing customers say about them. If a company delivers results, its customer feedback would speak louder about it.
  • Make sure the company is a Certified NetSuite Partner and provides 360-degree solutions.
  • Count compliance as the most crucial service. The servicing company you select must extend compliance services such as NetSuite GDPR compliance services to help your business comply with GDPR law.
  • Some other services the company should offer are NetSuite customizations, support for deployment, and integration to cover all your NetSuite implementation needs.

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