NetSuite DHL Parcel Connector Integration

Effortlessly integrate NetSuite with Folio3’s proprietary DHL Parcel (UK) connector.

Save countless hours and resources with our NetSuite DHL UK Parcel Connector.

DHL Parcel UK NetSuite Integration Connector

Streamline Shipment Creation & Shipping Label Generation

All shipment bookings & label generation will be controlled from a centralized location and synced in a time-controlled manner to provide updated information to all parties.

The data synchronization between the DHL connector and NetSuite makes the parcel booking, shipment and delivery process as easy as a walk on the beach.

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NetSuite DHL Parcel Integration Highlights

Shipment Creation

Shipment Creation

The shipments will automatically be created by the DHL Connector

Shipment label Creation

Label Generation

Folio3’s NetSuite DHL Parcel Connector will generate the shipping labels

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Our team can easily deploy this to integrate with your current systems


Extensive Customizations

Because it’s hand-made, it can be completed customized and moulded to serve all/any additional business needs

Up-to-date Dashboard

Updated Dashboards

Your systems will always reflect updated stats.

NetSuite DHL Parcel Integration Benefits

Some of the many benefits


No more data duplications or mixtures


Accuracy is greatly improve


Updated data is available to all concerned parties


The connector can be customized to add, remove or modify any feature

Seamlessly Integrate NetSuite and DHL Parcel

  • Create Shipment in DHL from NetSuite: The shipments which are being created at NetSuite will automatically be created through Folio3’s connector into the DHL
  • Generate labels from DHL: Folio3’s connector will Generate DHL shipment labels for the shipments being created from NetSuite to DHL

NetSuite DHL Parcel Integration Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite DHL Parcel Integration Connector License Cost – $4,500/year. A one-time setup charge of $1000 is also applicable for every integration.

If you’re looking to add some additional features to this connector, you can request them from our customization section. If your current processes are slow and full of errors, consider Implementing NetSuite to automate certain business functions.

If you already have a CRM or CMS to manage orders and customers, you should integrate them with NetSuite to enable auto updation of your data across all platforms.