Outlook NetSuite Integration

Swiftly import Outlook emails into NetSuite with Folio3’s Outlook NetSuite integration connector.


Simplify Workflow with NetSuite Outlook Integration

Folio3’s NetSuite Outlook Integration Connector is designed to empower teams by synchronizing data, managing contacts, thus increasing the collaboration effortlessly between NetSuite and Outlook. Get a full visibility into your important communications by linking outlook emails to NetSuite records. This eliminates the need to copy paste everything from your outlook to NetSuite account manually.

Why Choose Folio3 for NetSuite Outlook Integration

Deep NetSuite Expertise Customizable Solutions Dedicated Support
Backed by 17+ years of expertise in NetSuite integration and development, ensuring a reliable and robust solution. Folio3 provides custom tailored integration solutions to fit your unique business needs, without disrupting workflows. Folio3 teams are available Offshore and Onshore for seamless integration, ongoing assistance, and troubleshooting.

NetSuite Outlook Connector Highlight

Two-Way Sync

Sync your calendar events between NetSuite and Outlook and ensure you don’t miss any important meeting and event.

Timely Updates

Get timely updates on NetSuite records from your Outlook interface, enabling quicker decision-making and efficient communication.

Custom Mapping

Tailor data mapping according to your business needs, ensuring seamless integration without compromising on data integrity.

Automated Workflows

It sets up an automated workflow to trigger actions based on predefined conditions, thus reducing the repetitive tasks.

Secure Connectivity

Rest assured with secure authentication protocols and encrypted data transmission, keeping your information safe at all times.

Extensive Customizations

Don’t be limited by default features, add functionalities and workflows that work best for your business.

NetSuite Outlook Integration Benefits


Scale Efficiency: Save your precious time, eliminate manual data entry and get real-time updates across both platforms.


Collaboration: Foster better communication and collaboration among yours teams by having a unified view of information across your NetSuite account and Outlook.


Data Accuracy: Data sync is fully automated between two platforms thus minimizng the errors and discrepancies.


Scalability: Scale your integration as your business grows, accommodating increased data volumes and evolving requirements.

Fully Integrate NetSuite and Outlook

  • Export NetSuite Events to Microsoft Outlook as Outlook Calendar Events
  • Import calender Events created in the MS Outlook Calendar into NetSuite, as Events.
  • Sync data automatically in the background at pre-set intervals (the minimum sync interval is 15 minutes).
  • Will provide error reporting in the form of automated email alerts to the NetSuite administrator.
  • Synchronize events from NetSuite to the Outlook Calendar (or vice versa)

NetSuite Outlook Integration Pricing

Reach out to our experts to book a demo and request a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Folio3’s NetSuite Outlook Connector has automated workflows that enables two way sync between NetSuite and Outlook. It helps you get timely updates, with no manual data entry, thus increasing the collaboration between teams.

Yes, Folio3’s prebuilt  integration connector offers customizable fields as per user’s unique needs helping businesses to customize data sync  based on their specific requirements.

Absolutely. The Outlook Netsuite Connector ensures secure connectivity with encrypted data transmission and robust authentication protocols. Your information remains protected during transmission between Outlook and NetSuite.

Yes. Folio3 provides dedicated support during and post implementation of its NetSuite Outlook Integration Connector. Our team of experts offers assistance in setting up the integration, troubleshooting, and ongoing support and make sure use get the smooth experience.

The integration is highly scalable, accommodating increased data volumes and evolving business requirements. It grows with your business, ensuring seamless integration as your needs expand.

Absolutely. The NetSuite Outlook Connector by Folio3 is highly scalable and customizable. We make sure that you get a seamless integration that aligns perfectly with your workflows.

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