NetSuite Wayfair Connector Integration

Integrate NetSuite with Wayfair in an effortless manger. The data synchronization to and from WayFair and NetSuite and vice versa makes customer and order management as easy as a walk in the park.

Save time and energy with this uninterrupted communication between your applications and increase the efficiency & exactness of your outputs.

Wayfair NetSuite Integration Connector

Streamline Orders, Shipments and Inventory

Allow faster order booking and processing due to data synchronization between NetSuite & WayFair. Leave behind the old practice of manual data insertion and turn to the latest methods of data transfer used in NetSuite WayFair Integration to streamline your business. Be able to focus on important matters without having to worry about these worrisome and obsolete day to day activities.

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NetSuite Wayfair Connector Highlights


Customer Information & Order Import

All WayFair Sales Orders will be imported with Customer Information to NetSuite from Wayfair


Inventory and Shipment/Fulfillment Data Sync

All Inventory and Shipment/Fulfillment data will be synced from NetSuite to Wayfair


Extensive Customizations

Based on the APIs from Wayfair, many more additional features and customizations is existing features is possible

Up-to-date Dashboard

Updated Dashboards

All your systems will show updated stats due to the uninterrupted synchronization between WayFair & NetSuite

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

System integration with NetSuite has been made easy with Folio3’s pre-built Connectors

NetSuite Wayfair Integration Benefits

All Folio3 connectors are loaded with benefits


Nullify your data mixture blunders


Takeout manual data-entry procedures from your processes that generate inaccuracies and delays


See updated, meaningful information synced across all platforms


We can produce new features sets that you may have in your mind

Features of NetSuite and Wayfair Integration

  • Import Sales orders from Wayfair to NetSuite
  • Sync Fulfilment and Shipment data from NetSuite to Wayfair
  • Sync Item inventory from NetSuite to Wayfair
  • One price level pricing sync is supported

NetSuite Wayfair Integration Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite WayFair Integration Connector License Cost – $4,500/year. A one-time setup charge of $1000 is also applicable for every integration.

Looking to add a few more features? Our Customizable can give you the solutions you’re looking for. If you’re interested in integrating NetSuite with your systems, please visit our NetSuite Integration Services to learn more about the benefits and processes.