Salesforce NetSuite Integration Connector

Streamline lead to cash processes, eliminate data entry & reduce overhead

Seamless NetSuite Salesforce Integration


Boost your CRM & ERP efficiency with Folio3’s BFN-certified NetSuite Salesforce connector. Improve lead-to-cash cycle, cut data entry time, and reduce overhead instantly

Gain instant access to your back office data within Salesforce, and eliminate the need for manual data entry efforts that lead to data duplication. Save time and reduce overheads with Folio3’s NetSuite Salesforce connector. Along with unlimited customization options as per your unique business needs.

NetSuite Salesforce Connector Highlights

Real-time Sales Order Sync

Generate quotes and sales orders in NetSuite in real-time, from closed/won Salesforce opportunities, and automatically sync the related info

Unified Product Pricing Levels

Automatically sync product pricing, and multiple pricing levels, with multi-currency support between NetSuite and Salesforce

Consolidated Product Info

Export items from NetSuite to Salesforce (as products) in real-time, providing your sales team with the latest product info

Added Functionalities

Boost efficiency by seamlessly syncing order cancellations, delisting items from the store, etc

Extensive Customizations

Make your integration work for you by adding the functionalities that work best for your business

360 Degree Visibility

Monitor customer financial transactions like credits and refunds in real-time, or track sales orders as they are processed

Salesforce NetSuite Integration Benefits

Eliminate manual data entry and data entry errors with automated synchronization of data, saving time, effort, and overhead.


Scalability and Growth:
Flexible framework that scales with evolving business needs without compromising data integrity.


Enhanced Sales Process:
Timely access to NetSuite data within Salesforce enables sales teams to track orders, manage inventory, and access customer financial information.


Efficient Reporting and Analytics:
Unified reporting and analytics by consolidating data from both systems, enabling deeper insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and financial metrics.


Payment Management:
Sync payments between Salesforce and NetSuite effortlessly with our two-way feature. Import or export receipts based on your needs.

Seamlessly Integrate your NetSuite and Salesforce Systems with our Salesforce Connector

  • Syncing of Salesforce Accounts and Contacts as NetSuite Customers and Contacts and vice versa.
  • Easily sync the Product/Item data across NetSuite and Salesforce.
  • Generate sales orders in NetSuite from Salesforce. With our NetSuite Salesforce connector, users can automatically create sales orders in NetSuite from orders in Salesforce. Similarly, sales orders from NetSuite can automatically be synced to Salesforce as an Order. In doing so, our connector also automatically synchronizes the account/customer record. 

  • Syncing of item pricing details (along with their related item/product data) from NetSuite item to Salesforce.
  • Any further updates to the Sales order in Salesforce can be configured to update the sales order in NetSuite and vice versa (depending on its status).
  • If an item is edited in NetSuite, a real-time update is sent to the corresponding product in Salesforce.

Add-on features/functionality are available via customization

Folio3 is an Award-Winning ‘Tier One’ NetSuite Alliance partner excelling in NetSuite Customizations. Beyond our prebuilt connector, we can also help you build customized features required by your business.

Why Choose Folio3 for Salesforce and NetSuite integration?

Effortless Deployment

Folio3 ensures swift integration without any hassle, allowing for a quick start to your NetSuite-Salesforce system

Customization Options

With Folio3, enjoy countless customization options to adapt functionalities precisely to your business needs.

Continuous Support

Folio3 provides post-deployment assistance for ongoing success, ensuring your integrated system operates smoothly beyond the initial setup.

Case Studies

Solving complex problems for businesses of all kind

  1. Discover how Evo Systems get visibility on their up-to-date data and helped them close deals at a much faster rate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The integration of NetSuite and Salesforce offers numerous benefits for businesses. By combining these powerful platforms, organizations can streamline their processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance collaboration between sales and finance teams. This integration enables businesses to gain a comprehensive view of customer data, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions, leading to increased productivity and growth.

    The NetSuite Salesforce Connector provides a robust set of features to facilitate seamless integration between NetSuite and Salesforce. With real-time, bi-directional data synchronization, customizable data field mapping, support for complex data structures, and automated error handling, this connector ensures smooth and efficient data transfer. It also offers seamless integration with existing workflows and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities for improved business insights.

    Yes, the NetSuite Salesforce Connector is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of businesses. It allows flexible mapping of data fields, enabling alignment between NetSuite and Salesforce based on specific requirements. The connector supports custom objects and relationships, ensuring seamless integration of unique data models. Businesses can also configure workflows, validations, and error-handling rules to tailor the integration according to their specific business processes.

    The Folio3’s NetSuite Salesforce Connector integration employs robust data synchronization mechanisms to ensure accuracy and consistency between NetSuite and Salesforce. Through bi-directional data synchronization, updates made in either platform are automatically reflected in the other, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies. The connector also supports customizable mapping of data fields, allowing businesses to align their data structures and ensure seamless integration. With automated data validation and error handling capabilities, any discrepancies or conflicts are promptly identified and resolved, maintaining data integrity across both platforms.

    A Salesforce to NetSuite connector allows bidirectional synchronization of crucial data such as customer information, leads, sales orders, invoices, products, and pricing between Salesforce and NetSuite.

    Yes, most integration solutions allow for the migration of historical data, ensuring a comprehensive integration that incorporates existing records and information from both NetSuite and Salesforce.

    With NetSuite Salesforce connector you can synchronize crucial data such as customer information, leads, sales orders, invoices, products, and pricing between Salesforce and NetSuite