Salesforce NetSuite Integration

Folio3 offers custom Salesforce NetSuite integration services, along with ready-to-deploy Salesforce NetSuite connector purpose-built to link your CRM and ERP systems to streamline sales and improve customer experience.

Unify Your CRM & ERP with NetSuite Salesforce Integration

Boost efficiency with Folio3’s BFN NetSuite Salesforce connector. Improve your lead-to-cash cycle, cut data entry time, and reduce overhead instantly.

Gain real-time access to back-office data within Salesforce to eliminate manual data entry and reduce duplication. Enjoy unlimited customization options tailored to your business needs with Folio3’s NetSuite Salesforce connector.

NetSuite Salesforce Connector Highlights

Real-time Sales Order Sync

Generate and sync quotes and sales orders in NetSuite from closed/won Salesforce opportunities in real-time.

Unified Product Pricing Levels

Sync product pricing and multiple pricing levels, with multi-currency support, between NetSuite and Salesforce.

Consolidated Product Info

Export items from NetSuite to Salesforce as products in real-time, giving your sales team the latest product information.

360 Degree Visibility

Monitor customer financial transactions like credits and refunds in real-time and track sales orders as they are processed.

Added Functionalities

Boost efficiency by seamlessly syncing order cancellations, delisting items from the store, etc

Extensive Customizations

Make your integration work for you by adding the functionalities that work best for your business

Salesforce NetSuite Integration Benefits

Automate data synchronization, enhance reporting capabilities, and provide your sales team with the tools they need to succeed with Folio3’s NetSuite Salesforce integration.


Scalability and Growth:
The flexible integration framework scales with your business, adapting to evolving needs without compromising data integrity.


Enhanced Sales Process:
Access NetSuite data within Salesforce to track orders, manage inventory, and view customer financial information, empowering your sales team with timely information.


Efficient Reporting and Analytics: 
Consolidate data from both systems for unified reporting and analytics, enabling deeper insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and financial metrics.


Payment Management:
Easily sync payments between Salesforce and NetSuite, streamlining the process of importing or exporting receipts to meet your business needs.

Seamlessly Integrate your NetSuite and Salesforce Systems with our Salesforce Connector

  • Sync Salesforce Accounts and Contacts as NetSuite Customers and Contacts, and vice versa.
  • Generate and sync sales orders between NetSuite and Salesforce, with automatic synchronization of related records.
  • Configure updates to sales orders in Salesforce to reflect in NetSuite, and vice versa.
  • Sync payments between Salesforce and NetSuite, streamlining financial processes.
  • Sync Product/Item data across NetSuite and Salesforce effortlessly.
  • Sync item pricing details, including multi-currency support, between NetSuite and Salesforce.
  • Real-time updates of edited items in NetSuite to corresponding products in Salesforce.
  • Enable comprehensive reporting and analytics with unified data from both systems.

Success Stories

Salesforce Netsuite Integration

Learn how Pathlock eliminated manual data entry and operational silos with Folio3’s Salesforce Connector for NetSuite.

Salesforce Netsuite Integration

Discover how The Prestwick Companies improved financial operations and order fulfillment with NetSuite Salesforce integration

Salesforce Netsuite Integration

Explore how Evo Systems achieved faster deal closures and better data visibility with Folio3's certified NetSuite Salesforce connector.

Custom NetSuite Salesforce Integration Available

Folio3 brings around 2-decades of experience in NetSuite consulting and implementation. Whether you need a pre-built Salesforce NetSuite connector or custom Salesforce NetSuite integration services, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Folio3 for Salesforce NetSuite integration?


2-Decades of Experience

With 20 years in the industry, Folio3 brings unparalleled expertise to make your NetSuite integration successful and hassle-free.


80+ Pre-Built Integrations

Accelerate your implementation with our 80+ pre-built NetSuite integrations, designed to save you time and simplify the process.


300+ NetSuite Resources

Leverage the knowledge and skills of our 300+ NetSuite experts, providing exceptional support for your integration needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Salesforce NetSuite connector is a tool that enables seamless data synchronization between Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP systems.

    Yes, Salesforce CRM can connect with ERP systems like NetSuite to synchronize data, eliminate redundant tasks, streamline core operations, and give you sales team the tools needed to be unstoppable.

    With the Salesforce NetSuite connector, you can synchronize customer information, leads, sales orders, invoices, products, and pricing between Salesforce and NetSuite.

    Salesforce NetSuite integration streamlines processes, improves data accuracy, enhances collaboration between sales and finance teams, and provides a comprehensive view of customer data. This leads to optimized workflows, informed decision-making, increased productivity, and business growth.

    The NetSuite Salesforce connector is a ready-to-deploy solution with predefined features, while custom NetSuite Salesforce integration is tailored to specific business needs, offering more flexibility and custom functionalities.

    Yes, the Salesforce NetSuite connector can be customized to meet specific business requirements and workflows. Folio3 brings around 2-decades of experience in ERP implementation and integration. Connect with our team for product demo and custom quote for NetSuite Salesforce integration.

    The NetSuite Salesforce connector from Folio3 uses secure API connections and follows industry-standard security protocols.

    With Folio3’s NetSuite Salesforce integration, data synchronization can be configured to occur in real-time or at scheduled intervals, depending on your business needs.

    The NetSuite Salesforce integration includes mechanisms to prevent and manage duplicate data, keeping consistency and accuracy across both systems.

    Yes, additional third-party applications can often be integrated to extend the functionality of the Salesforce NetSuite connector. Feel free to get in touch with our certified NetSuite consultants for better understanding of the NetSuite Salesforce connector.