NetSuite Salesforce Integration Connector

Streamline lead to cash processes, eliminate data entry & reduce overhead

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Seamless NetSuite Salesforce Integration

Our BFN (Built For NetSuite) certified Salesforce Connector provides two way, automated, real-time integration between Salesforce and NetSuite. It allows you to manage your sales process more effectively with real-time access to your back office while eliminating data entry efforts, cost overhead, and data duplication

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NetSuite Salesforce Connector Highlights


Real-time Sales Order Sync

Generate quotes and sales orders in NetSuite in real-time, from closed/won Salesforce opportunities, and automatically sync the related info


Unified Product Pricing Levels

Automatically sync product pricing, multiple pricing levels, with multi-currency support between NetSuite and Salesforce


Consolidated Product Info

Export items from NetSuite to Salesforce (as products) in real-time, providing your sales team with the latest product info


Added Functionalities

Boost efficiency by seamlessly syncing order cancellations, delisting items from the store, etc


Extensive Customizations

Make your integration work for you by adding the functionalities that work best for your business


360 Degree Visibility

Monitor customer financial transactions like credits and refunds in real-time, or track sales orders as they are processed


Easy Deployment

Quick deployment to get you moving with minimal hassle

NetSuite Salesforce Integration Benefits

Eliminate manual data entry and data entry errors with automated synchronization of data, saving time, effort and overhead


Manage your business from a single system


Immediate deployment – does not require any coding


Free maintenance and updates


Fully customizable

Seamlessly Integrate your NetSuite and Salesforce Systems with our Salesforce Connector

  • Syncing of Salesforce Accounts and Contacts as NetSuite Customers and Contacts and vice versa.
  • Syncing of Product/Item data across NetSuite and Salesforce i.e. the ability to sync NetSuite Items with Salesforce Products and vice versa.
  • Generate Sales Orders in NetSuite from Salesforce – with the NetSuite Salesforce Connector, the client can automatically create sales orders in NetSuite from Orders in Salesforce. Similarly, Sales orders from NetSuite can automatically be synced to Salesforce as Order. On doing so, the connector also automatically synchronizes the account/customer record
  • Syncing of item pricing details (along with their related item/product data) from NetSuite item to Salesforce.
  • Any further updates to the Sales order in Salesforce can be configured to update the sales order in NetSuite and vice versa (depending on its status).
  • If an item is edited in NetSuite, a real-time update is sent to the corresponding product in Salesforce.

NetSuite Salesforce Integration Connector – Specifications

  • Supports all versions of NetSuite including OneWorld
  • Supports Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited versions
  • Seamless deployment through NetSuite’s SuiteBundler and Salesforce AppExchange
  • Secure communication via SSL encrypted Web services

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite Salesforce integration Connector License Cost – $4,800/year or $2,400/6 months. A one-time setup charge of $1000 is also applicable for every integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Folio3 NetSuite Salesforce integration is a NetSuite SuiteApp that is deployed in your ERP and is responsible for pulling and pushing data. Therefore,  there is no reliance on any third-party servers, as long as your NetSuite and Salesforce systems are working your integration will be up and running.

Yes, the NetSuite Salesforce integration can be customized to fit your needs. Customization efforts are charged separately.

The Folio3 NetSuite Salesforce integration syncs data every 15 mins, which is the lower limit set by NetSuite. However, the connector can be configured to run at greater intervals.

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