Evo Systems LLC


Evo Systems LLC is an enterprise distribution solutions provider that serves the fenestration industry in the United States. Featuring the widest collection of window, door, glass, and special parts available, EVO ensures seamless ordering, processing, fulfilment, and distribution from a single-window solution.


Evo Systems utilized Folio3’s Salesforce and NetSuite integration connector to integrate their CRM with their ERP.

The Challenge

Manual data entry caused visibility issues in the sales and finance departments causing delays in finding and pursuing opportunities. They wanted to remove the hurdles and automate the process.


Folio3’s built for NetSuite (BFN) certified NetSuite Salesforce connector is an integration as a service (IaaS) product that provides complete and autonomous integration between NetSuite and Salesforce. The integration offered the following benefits:

  • Syncing of Salesforce Accounts and Contacts as NetSuite Customers and Contacts and vice versa.
  • Syncing of Product/Item data across NetSuite and Salesforce i.e. the ability to sync NetSuite Items with Salesforce Products and vice versa.
  • Generate Sales Orders in NetSuite from Salesforce – with the NetSuite Salesforce Connector, the client can automatically create sales orders in NetSuite from Orders in Salesforce. Similarly, Sales orders from NetSuite can automatically be synced to Salesforce as Order. In doing so, the connector also automatically synchronizes the account/customer record
  • Syncing of item pricing details (along with their related item/product data) from NetSuite item to Salesforce.
  • Any further updates to the Sales order in Salesforce can be configured to update the sales order in NetSuite and vice versa (depending on its status).
  • If an item is edited in NetSuite, a real-time update is sent to the corresponding product in Salesforce.
  • A one-time synchronization of all customer records (totalling 800) from NetSuite to Salesforce
  • Synchronize customers from NetSuite to Salesforce (only)
  • Sync NetSuite Leads and Prospects sync to Salesforce, as leads and prospects, along with the quotes associated (as attachments) with those leads/prospects
  • Sync Salesforce opportunities that do not have any items associated with them, as Notes on the customer record in NetSuite. If the same opportunity is updated in Salesforce i.e. when an item is added to that opportunity in Salesforce, a corresponding quote will automatically be created in NetSuite
  • Sync Salesforce opportunities that have items associated with them, as Quotes in NetSuite. Any attachments associated with the Salesforce opportunity will be synchronized to NetSuite as Notes on the customer record
  • Synchronize quotes (along with the attached PDF of the quote form) from NetSuite to Salesforce, as Opportunities. In doing so, the connector will also synchronize the email attached to that NetSuite quote to Salesforce, together with the time at which that email was sent out
  • Synchronize sales orders from NetSuite to Salesforce (one-way sync)


The integration enabled the team at EVO systems to get visibility on their up-to-date data and helped them close deals at a much faster rate.

You can also integrate Salesforce with your existing NetSuite account. To request help, get in touch with us.