Shopify NetSuite Integration Connector

Drive better results and faster decision making with your NetSuite back-office while impressing your customers with a beautiful online store, seamlessly integrated by Folio3’s prebuilt NetSuite Shopify integration connector.


Robust Integration Between NetSuite and Shopify


Synchronize and automate transaction between your Shopify web store and Netsuite back office with Folio3’s Shopify-Netsuite integration connector. 

Be confident about delivering on time to your customers every time they place an order. Our NetSuite Shopify connector ensures accuracy across orders, customer details and inventory leading to maximum operational efficiency and spare you time to focus more on selling.

Shopify Connector - NetSuite Connector Highlights

Unified Stock Levels

Centralize your inventory across warehouses and manage it all from one system.

Painless Order Management

Automatically sync sales orders with Shopify and manage on NetSuite.

Easy Fulfillment

Send shipment tracking info to customers for orders fulfilled in NetSuite.

Centralized Product Info

Keep your product information, like price, color, size, description, etc., always updated for customers.

Quick Refunds

Make sure you keep consumers satisfied by processing timely refunds.

Added Functionalities

Improve efficiency by seamlessly synchronizing order cancellations, delisting items from the store, etc.

Easy Deployment

Set up and deploy your integration with utmost ease.

Extensive Customizations

Customize your NetSuite according to your business needs by adding custom workflow and functionalities.

Real-time Dashboards

Get complete visibility of the synchronization and integration status.

Get the most out of Shopify, Shopify Plus and Shopify POS

Our NetSuite Shopify integration connnector supports everything from Shopify and Shopify Plus to Shopify POS.

Effortless integration for smooth order flow:

Easily connect Netsuite with Shopify, ensuring a hassle-free order flow between systems. The connector will import orders from Shopify to Netsuite, so you don’t have to worry about manual work.

Simplified inventory synchronization:

Ensure that your inventory across platforms stays updated and synchronized without manual intervention using our connector’s automated item export flow.

Efficient order management capabilities:

Manage orders efficiently, ensuring smooth processing and fulfillment with our out-of-the-box instant fulfillment export feature.

Enterprise-level integration for complex needs:

Tailored integration solutions designed for the specific demands of large-scale operations. The connector can be customized to meet your needs.

Scalable solutions for growing businesses:

Flexibility to grow your operations without worrying about system limitations or performance.

Centralized inventory management for all channels:

Maintain a unified view of inventory across all sales channels, optimizing stock levels and reducing errors with our multi-location inventory export feature.

Smooth refund Management:

Ensure all refunds are timely synced from your Netsuite to Shopify store with our instant refund export flow.

All your Customers in one place:

Manage all your customer data in one place with customer import feature, making sure all the orders come into Netsuite with the correctly associated customers.
You can custom tailor Folio3 Nestsuite Shopify Connector to fit your unique business needs with seamless customization options.

Add-on features/functionality are available via customization

Folio3 is an Award-Winning ‘Tier One’ NetSuite Alliance partner excelling in NetSuite Customizations. Beyond our prebuilt connector, we can also help you build customized features required by your business.

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NetSuite Shopify Integration Benefits

Get the most out of robust integration between Shopify and NetSuite accounts.


Automated Order Handling: Orders, inventory updates, and customer details flow automatically between both platforms, reducing manual work and potential errors.


Customer Satisfaction Boost: Real-time inventory updates and quicker order processing mean happier customers experiencing smooth transactions.


Scalability and Efficiency: As your business grows, netsuite shopify integration easily handles increased sales and a broader product range without disruptions.


Adaptability and Future-Readiness: With shopify netsuite integration, your business remains flexible, ready to embrace changes and future advancements in eCommerce technology.

Automate Order Fulfillment, Avoid Data Entry Errors, And Minimize Overhead with our NetSuite Shopify Connector

  • Automatically sync orders and customer data from your Shopify web store to NetSuite
  • Export existing customers & order history from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Import billing info for each sales order from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Support for recurring orders & multiple payment gateways
  • Near real-time export of products, inventory, and pricing from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Support for multiple warehouses in NetSuite
  • Support for multiple currencies and pricing tiers
  • Import billing data for each sales order from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Maintain product catalog in either NetSuite or Shopify
  • Increase efficiency with advanced logistics like intelligent procurement
  • Export fulfilled sales order statuses from NetSuite to Shopify (near real-time)
  • Export shipping details from NetSuite to Shopify for fulfilled sales orders (near real-time)
  • Support for partial fulfillment of sales orders
  • Invoice generation in NetSuite and/or Shopify

Case Studies

Solving complex problems for businesses of all kind

  1. Discover how 4D Motions, a healthcare and fitness company, enhanced user experience, accelerated website speed, and synchronized data and promotions between Shopify and NetSuite accounts.
  2. Big Poppa SmokersLearn how Airbag Man, a manufacturing firm, reduced Countless hours spent in manual data entry, order, shipments & payment management with Shopify NetSuite integration connector.
  3. BCI Discover how Blockchain Communications, media holdings company, able to easily monitor and manage the entire value chain from within NetSuite and remove time wastages and added effort.
  4. Discover how The Renewal Workshop, leading provider of circular solutions for apparel and textile brands, manages their day to day business operations much more easily and from a single control panel..

Shopify NetSuite Integration – Pricing

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Folio3 NetSuite Shopify integration is a NetSuite SuiteApp that resides within your NetSuite ERP. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any third-party servers affecting your integration by going down and can enjoy maximum security.

    Yes, the Folio3 NetSuite Shopify Integration is completely customizable and we can build custom data flows on top of the standard features as needed.

    The Folio3 NetSuite Shopify Integration syncs data every 15 mins, which is the minimum configurable interval (set by NetSuite). We can set up different intervals for different flows as per need.

    Yes, additional Shopify sites, from the same Shopify instance, can be integrated at an additional fee.

    Yes, the connector is adaptable and supports integration for both Shopify Plus and NetSuite, catering to the needs of businesses of varying sizes and complexities.
    Yes, the connector is built to manage high transaction volumes and large datasets, ensuring smooth operations even during periods of increased activity.
    Post-integration, Folio3 offers continuous support, updates, and maintenance to ensure the connector’s optimal performance and compatibility with evolving platform features.
    Folio3 ensures a user-friendly experience, employing a clear, step-by-step integration process and providing support for seamless setup and implementation.