Air Bag Man


Airbag man, the unrivalled manufacturer of Airbags and Air Suspensions, is an Australian, family-owned business. They are leaders in the Asia Pacific & UAE in the domains of designing and manufacturing this equipment. Their air suspension systems have been largely used in the automotive industry in light to heavy transportation vehicles. Their devices are also used for agricultural and industrial purposes.


The team at Air Bag Man wanted to utilize Folio3’s Shopify Connector for NetSuite to integrate their Shopify based storefront with their Oracle NetSuite ERP.

The Challenge

Countless hours spent in manual data entry, order, shipments & payment management. The client needed an urgent solution to this problem.


By doing so, it helps save valuable time and effort that is typically lost in manually keeping your Shopify and NetSuite accounts in sync, allowing you to focus on enhancing sales and managing fulfilment and other key business functions. The Connector’s features Include:

  • Import Customers from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Import Sales Orders from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Export Item data from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Cash Sale sync from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export Sales Price from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export Order Status and Shipping Info from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Export Refunds from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Import an individual Shopify order from the Connector Dashboard
  • Search for Imported Shopify Sales Orders in NetSuite
  • Search for Imported Shopify Customer records in NetSuite
  • Sync Sales Orders On Demand from Shopify to NetSuite, from the Connector Dashboard
  • Sync Items on-demand from NetSuite to Shopify, from the Connector Dashboard
  • Sync Refunds on-demand NetSuite to Shopify, from the Connector Dashboard
  • Synchronize B2B customers/dealers from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Support for synchronization of both B2C and B2B type orders from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Synchronize assembly type items from NetSuite to Shopify, as simple inventory items
  • Synchronize PDF files (held in NetSuite custom fields as URLs) from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Synchronize customer-specific pricing (for dealers/B2B customers) from NetSuite to Shopify
  • The ability to synchronize customer credit terms (Net30, Net45, etc.) for B2B customers/dealers from NetSuite to Shopify and have these credit terms displayed to dealers (B2B customers) on Shopify
  • The ability for dealers/B2B customers to place orders on Shopify using their discounted pricing and have their payment terms apply on the order


The integration between NetSuite and Shopify helped Air Bag Man reduce their man-hours and sped up the updation and order processing process.

Folio3’s Shopify connector is widely used by several customers. If you’d like something similar, or a customized solution, please get in touch with us.