Creative Retail Packaging


Creative Retail Packaging is a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions for businesses. With a focus on creativity and quality, they offer a wide range of customizable packaging options that help brands stand out in the competitive retail market. Their expertise is designing and manufacturing unique packaging solutions that protect products and enhance their visual appeal.


Folio3 successfully implemented NetSuite to address CRP’s intricate processes involving customized products and warehousing solutions. Folio3 created an eCommerce store on Magento for CRP with great efficiency and seamlessly integrated it with NetSuite. This integration enabled CRP to systematize their complex purchase, sales, and operations processes for customized products, as well as their warehousing services


In order to address operational challenges and enhance business processes, CRP embarked on implementing NetSuite Suite Success Wholesale/Distribution Standard, seamlessly integrating it with their Magento eCommerce store. This implementation played a pivotal role in efficiently managing financials, procurement, inventory, sales, and CRM functions. By adopting the WD Standard, CRP aimed to streamline their operations and achieve optimal efficiency in their day-to-day activities


  • Set up a single-child Subsidiary for “Creative Retail Packaging, Inc. 
  • Set up and configure General Accounting, Departments/Locations/Classes, Subsidiary Management, accounting periods, Journal Entries, Check Printing, Fiscal Close, Bank Deposits, and Standard Financial Reports.
  • Set up and configure Basic Item Master (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Kits), Item Pricing (Price Levels), Unit of Measure, Item Tier Pricing, and Item Transactions
  • Configure Vendor Master, Purchase Orders, Vendor Bill Payments (Manual Recording), Vendor Return Authorizations, Vendor Credits, Vendor Refunds, and Standard Purchases to effectively manage vendor-related processes and streamline accounts payable activities.
  • Set up the Employee Master, Inbound Shipments, Vendor Prepayment, and Advanced Procurement in NetSuite.
  • Configure Contact Master, Quotes/Estimates, Sales Order Item Fulfillments, Invoices, Customer Payments (manual recording of all types of payments), and Customer Return Authorizations to effectively manage customer-related processes. 
  • Review different reports generated in NetSuite including financial statements, sales reports, purchase reports, vendor payables, and customer receivables.  
  • Integrate Google Analytics for comprehensive website analytics and tracking.


Folio3’s successful implementation of NetSuite and seamless integration with Magento enabled CRP to streamline and systematize its intricate processes for customized products and warehousing services. This resulted in enhanced efficiency, improved purchases, accurate financial reporting, enhanced customer relationship management, and sales processes for CRP

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