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We are specialists in NetSuite Implementation, Customization, Integration, SuiteCommerce, and NetSuite Mobile Apps


Our Specialization

At Folio3, we specialize in all aspects of NetSuite development, whether you’re looking for NetSuite customization, integration, implementation, Suitecommerce development or NetSuite mobile apps. As a SuiteCommerce Advanced Technology partner and NetSuite’s premier mobility partner, we have developed numerous NetSuite enterprise, eCommerce and mobile solutions for clients in multiple industry verticals. So whether you are in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services, Retail or Not for Profit space (among others), we are your one stop solution provider for all things NetSuite!

NetSuite Folio3,with over 7 years of NetSuite development experience, our world-class team of NetSuite consultants and engineers have the industry knowledge and technology expertise needed to understand your requirements and the specific challenges you are facing, and can help you develop and implement the best possible NetSuite solution for your business, at a highly affordable cost.

But that’s not all we bring to the table! We are also experts in NetSuite integration solutions and can bring in your data from Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, eBay, eBay Motors and 3PL Systems into NetSuite. So no matter what type of system who want to integrate with NetSuite, we can help you do so.

What We Offer

  • NetSuite web store design and development – broad expertise in web store design (including responsive), web services based and enterprise application integration
  • INetSuite implementation – whether it’s the NetSuite ERP, NetSuite One World, NetSuite CRM, NetSuite CRM+, additional NetSuite modules or a SuiteCommerce based web store or a combination of these
  • Creating custom reports on NetSuite dashboards and portals using SuiteScript
  • Using SuiteScript to import and export data while maximizing performance
  • NetSuite and third party platforms integration including NetSuite eBay integration, NetSuite eBay motors integration, NetSuite Salesforce integration and NetSuite Magento Integration, via our BFN Certified NetSuite connectors
  • Data import and export to and from NetSuite using SuiteTalk and smbXML methods
  • Custom NetSuite mobile app development and NetSuite mobile CRM solutions for iOS, Android and more
  • Building custom NetSuite reports with rich UIs and graphical data using reporting tools like Flex, Jasper Reports and others

Our Clients


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Frequently Asked Questions

An Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner refers to a trusted partner who collaborates with Oracle to deliver exceptional services and solutions built around the NetSuite platform. These partners possess extensive expertise in implementing and customizing NetSuite, enabling businesses to maximize the value of their ERP investment. Partnering with an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner is crucial for businesses seeking specialized knowledge, support, and tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Folio3 is proud to be an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner. As an esteemed member of the NetSuite partner community, we have established a strong relationship with Oracle, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality NetSuite services. Our deep understanding of the NetSuite platform, combined with our extensive experience, positions us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and innovative NetSuite solutions.

Partnering with NetSuite Alliance Partners like Folio3 offers several advantages for businesses. These partners have access to specialized knowledge and resources, allowing them to provide expert guidance, support, and implementation services. By leveraging the expertise of a NetSuite Alliance Partner, businesses can accelerate their implementation, optimize their NetSuite environment, and ensure a successful ERP journey that aligns with their specific needs and goals.

As an Oracle NetSuite Partner, Folio3 contributes by providing a comprehensive range of services that enable businesses to leverage the full potential of NetSuite ERP. Our team of experienced consultants offers end-to-end support, including implementation, customization, connectors, integration, training, and ongoing support. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements, ensuring that the NetSuite solution we deliver aligns perfectly with their business objectives.

Absolutely! NetSuite Solution Provider Partners, such as Folio3, have the expertise and capabilities to customize NetSuite according to specific business needs. We understand that each business has unique requirements and workflows. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the NetSuite platform, we can tailor the solution to fit your business processes, ensuring optimal performance, maximum efficiency and compliance.

Partnering with Oracle ERP Service Partners, like Folio3, can provide businesses with significant benefits. These partners possess deep expertise in Oracle ERP systems and can assist with various aspects of ERP implementation, customization, and support. By partnering with an Oracle ERP Service Partner, businesses can tap into specialized knowledge, industry best practices, and a wealth of experience to ensure a successful ERP deployment that aligns with their specific requirements and objectives.

Businesses can identify reliable NetSuite Alliance Partners by looking for key indicators such as partner certifications, experience, customer testimonials, and proven track records. It is essential to evaluate a partner’s expertise, industry focus, and ability to deliver tailored solutions. Folio3, as an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, meets these criteria and has a strong reputation for providing exceptional NetSuite services to businesses across various industries.