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How to Find the Best NetSuite Implementation Partner

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A NetSuite implementation is only as good as the team that implements it, as the saying goes. I’m not sure if that is completely correct, but there is some truth. ERP implementations are difficult, and the statistics on success rates aren’t promising. However, you don’t simply want to complete your ERP deployment; you want to accelerate it! And working with a NetSuite implementation partner is the greatest approach to success.

A NetSuite installation partner is a third-party consultant who specialises in assisting new NetSuite users with the platform’s implementation. These are typically, but not always, the same partners who assisted you in purchasing NetSuite. This guide explains why these partners are important and how to select the ideal NetSuite implementation partner for their needs!

What Benefits Do NetSuite Implementation Partners Provide?

Expertise-Consultants devoted to NetSuite implementation bring a unique level of knowledge and skill to the table. Some of these partners have completed over 50 installations. When embarking on a large and complex project, such as an ERP implementation, this kind of experience is invaluable. You can bet they’ve seen their fair share of failure and success and can draw on that knowledge to help you stay on track with your implementation.

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ROI- In addition to ensuring that your implementation is finished effectively, A qualified partner will become familiar with your business operations and look for methods to improve them using the NetSuite platform. NetSuite has a lot to offer in terms of pre-built modules and customised options. Without the help of an experienced partner, optimising your NetSuite configuration could take months, if not years.

Proven Methodology- With all of that expertise and experience comes a tried-and-true technique. You may not know where to begin or what questions to ask when implementing on your own. A NetSuite implementation partner with experience will have a specific methodology in place to take your project from start to completion reliably and measurably.

Each partner has their approach, but at eMerge Technologies, we follow a seven-step NetSuite implementation process:

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New users may not realise what they don’t know when it comes to NetSuite deployment. As a result, we’ve created a checklist to assist new users in determining if they should hire an installation partner or go it alone.

Is there anyone on your team that has worked with NetSuite before?

Has anyone in your accounting or IT department participated in or used a NetSuite implementation? I say NetSuite explicitly because NetSuite-specific experience is a critical aspect of NetSuite the implementation’s success. I’ve seen major firms with large expenditures fail miserably during the deployment process simply because no one on the team had any NetSuite experience. NetSuite has its own set of intricacies and complexities, which might cost you time and money if you’re not familiar with them.

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How challenging is your NetSuite implementation?

The difficulty of your implementation will play a key role in deciding whether or not you need outside aid. There are three types of implementations:

  • Simple — The client is a single entity with no complex processes and no add-on modules or adaptations necessary for implementation. There are fewer than ten users.
  • Normal — This is the best option for single or numerous entities with few functional gaps and add-on modules. The company uses a single currency and language between ten and one hundred people.
  • Complex – Multiple entities, currencies, and languages are involved in the implementation. There are many functional gaps and integration requirements. There are almost a hundred users.

For any implementation that is considered typical or above, we recommend finding a partner.

Do you have the necessary resources on hand?

A NetSuite implementation will necessitate a large amount of time and effort from the accounting department, a project manager, a system administrator, and, depending on the specific demands, a developer. If more than the ERP module is introduced, particular department heads’ input and time may be required.

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Even if you have these resources on hand, it’s vital to remember that the implementation can become a full-time job in and of itself, and ERP implementations might take weeks or months to complete! As a result, you’ll need to establish plans for the implementation team’s typical responsibilities; otherwise, you risk overworking and irritating your personnel at a time when they’ll be needed the most.

If you don’t have these resources or can’t devote them to full-time ERP implementation, hiring a partner to supplement your team might be advisable.

How Do You Pick the Right NetSuite Implementation Partner?
How do you know who’s ideal for you once you’ve decided you need a NetSuite implementation partner? Here are five things to think about while selecting a NetSuite implementation partner or ERP selection consultants for your company:

Partner Reputation: Take the time to inquire about potential partners in your neighborhood. ERP implementation is a large project that is fraught with danger. As a result, it’s important to gain a sense of a potential partner’s reputation before committing.

Here are some resources to help you learn more about NetSuite’s partners:

There’s the NetSuite unofficial NetSuite community on Reddit, for starters. They are approachable and do not mind speaking directly to you.

Then, using the “NetSuite Professionals” chat board, you can learn more about potential partners. This website grew out of the NetSuite Reddit forum and is administered by unbiased NetSuite community members. They even have a Slack channel that you can join by clicking here!

Finally, G2Crowd or Clutch. Co can be used. These sites collect NetSuite user feedback on the numerous companies that resell and implement the software. You may also use these sites to compile a list of potential NetSuite partners for your project.

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Company Culture: Because you’ll be working with these folks for weeks, if not months, company culture is crucial. They’ll become a natural extension of your staff. You’ll want to make sure there won’t be any disruptive friction between your internal team and the outside personnel you bring in since this could sabotage your implementation.

Proximity: Easier than it sounded in 2020 and something to ignore as long as COVID-19 exists. Under normal circumstances, though, it’s preferable to choose a partner you can meet in person who works in the same time zone as you and is familiar with your cultural and regional circumstances.

Company Experience: It’s important to have experience, which is why you’re choosing a partner in the first place. Make sure the partner you’re considering has a long track record of successful NetSuite deployments and can provide references from satisfied clients.

Industry-specific experience, in addition to NetSuite-specific experience, would be great for your implementation partner. Certain partners specialise in NetSuite in a single industry, such as retail or software.

Company Size: We’ve discovered that a smaller firm is preferable to a huge one. Prices are more competitive, and the experience is generally comparable to or better than larger corporations. With a more personal interaction between you and your implementation team, you won’t have to worry about being treated like a number.

What Does it Cost to Hire an Implementation Partner?
Implementation partners often charge between $130 and $250 per hour, with larger, more established businesses pricing at the higher end of the spectrum.

The number of hours you’ll require depends on how complicated your project is. A NetSuite implementation might range from $25,000 to over $100,000.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making the best decisions possible for your forthcoming NetSuite deployment! There are numerous advantages to working with a partner; the question is if it is worthwhile for your company.

Check out our comprehensive NetSuite Implementation Guide if you want to learn more about NetSuite implementations in general.

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