eBay NetSuite Integration Connector

Enable complete end-to-end automation between your eBay account and NetSuite.

NetSuite eBay integration Streamlines Transactions & Fulfillments on eBay

Our Built for NetSuite (BFN) certified NetSuite eBay connector helps automate the painstaking and time-consuming task of transferring data between NetSuite and your eBay web store.

Keep your NetSuite back-office up to date with our automated solution, while you focus on maximizing sales and managing fulfillment.

NetSuite eBay Integration Highlights

Inventory Management

Never under or oversell with inventory synced with eBay at all times

Easy Order Management

Easily sync sales orders with eBay and manage on NetSuite

Seamless Shipping

Convey shipment tracking info to customers as soon as you fulfill orders in NetSuite

Consolidated Product Info

Make sure your customers always find the updated product info, like price, color, size, description

Quick Refunds

Eliminate buyer dissonance by ensuring timely refunds while boosting service standards

Added Functionalities

Boost efficiency by adding features on top such as delisting items from the store, etc.

Deploy With Ease

Set up and deploy your integration with utmost ease

Extensive Customizations

Do more with your integration, add specific functionalities and workflows that work for your business

Real-time Dashboards

Get complete visibility of the integration status and the data synced

NetSuite eBay Integration Benefits

Maximize organizational efficiency by integrating your NetSuite and eBay accounts


Save time, effort and overhead costs involved in manually keeping your eBay stores and NetSuite back office in sync


Streamline your supply chain and fulfillment and provide quality service to your customers with timely delivery on all orders


Fully customizable – add further functionality & workflows as needed


Post go live support is available at additional cost



Completely Automate Data Flow from eBay to NetSuite

  • Automatically sync ‘checkout complete’, ‘awaiting shipment’ and all other sales orders from eBay to NetSuite.
  • Supports syncing of matrix items from NetSuite to eBay
  • 100% native eBay integration deployed within your NetSuite account – manage the integration from the NetSuite UI Supports NetSuite One World
  • Automatically sync of product/item data (product name, description, pricing) from NetSuite to eBay
  • Automatically sync of inventory levels from NetSuite to eBay
  • Sync eBay Cash Sales to NetSuite
  • Automatically sync of customer data and payment invoices associated with sales orders from eBay to NetSuite
  • Automatically export of shipping information from NetSuite to eBay for fulfilled orders
  • Automatically export of fulfilled sales order statuses from NetSuite to eBay

eBay NetSuite Integration – Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The eBay connector is a NetSuite SuiteApp and is deployed within NetSuite. Therefore, there is no dependency on third-party servers allowing maximum uptime and security.

Yes, additional stores can be added from the same eBay account at an added cost. Additionally, different accounts can be integrated as well via multiple deployments.

The Folio3 NetSuite eBay Integration is fully customizable and can be tailored to add additional functionality and workflows, as long the APIs (NetSuite and API) support the data flow.

eBay integration can synchronize data at a minimal configurable interval of 15 mins (smallest interval allowed by NetSuite). However, this can be configured to run at greater intervals (for individual data flows or overall).

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