NetSuite Global eShipment Connector

Global eShipment NetSuite Integration helps when with item fulfillment by providing shipping documents.

NetSuite & Global eShipment Integration

Once the fulfillment status is changed to “Packed,  the NetSuite Global eShipment integration will push the item fulfillment details from NetSuite to Global E that will result in automatic shipment creation in Global E. Global E will send the tracking details along with the print label and commercial invoice for the shipment that will sent for printing via PrintNode. With this automatic integration, the item fulfillment process will be swift and error-free. Moreover, the cash refund feature is also integrated with the NetSuite Global eShipment connector to process full or partial refunds.

Features of NetSuite and Global eShipment Integration

Item Fulfillment

The system exports data from NetSuite and prints shipping labels in response using the print node API on-demand print node.

Cash Refund

Global eShipment integration enables shipping and product refunds in response to Full and partial refund APIs.

Folio3’s Global eShipment connector for NetSuite is customizable per your business needs. If you need Customizations to serve your needs, then please contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create a shipment in NetSuite, you can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Sales Order or Item Fulfillment record.
  • Click on the “Create Shipment” button.
  • Enter the necessary shipping details such as carrier, service, and package information.
  • Save the shipment record.

In NetSuite, shipping methods can be found and managed in the Shipping Items list. To access it, follow these steps:

Go to Lists > Accounting > Shipping Items.

Here you can view, create, edit, or delete shipping methods.

NetSuite offers integration with various shipping partners, including but not limited to UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Canada Post. These partnerships allow you to seamlessly integrate your shipping processes with their services.

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