NetSuite Shipstation Connector

Shipstation NetSuite Integration provides comprehensive order fulfillment and processing functionality, providing greater visibility to sales and inventory and ensuring faster order management with effective error handling.

NetSuite & Shipstation Integration

By integrating Shipstation with NetSuite, one can attain comprehensive dashboard analytics along with all the information on export orders. With this integration, the overall end-user experience and shipping experience can be improved.

NetSuite Shipstation Connector Highlights

Products Management

With NetSuite Shipstation integration, items can be updated seamlessly from NetSuite to Shipstation.

Error Handling

When working on massive data sets, manual data entry can result in several errors but with the error handling mechanism, errors can be minimized during the import and export of data to and from NetSuite.

Dashboards with extensive data

For monitoring of sales orders and inventory decisions, these dashboards with extensive data work the best way to provide all the information you need to improve sales strategies and inventory decisions.

NetSuite Shipstation Integration Benefits


With NetSuite Shipstation Integration, order process can be automated and simplified.


Error handling make it easier to have clear visibility of inventory, prices, and orders.


Automate & seamlessly integrate Shipstation with NetSuite to save time & effort

Features of NetSuite and Shipstation Integration

Order Data export

The order data export feature allows comprehensive data to be collected seamlessly and accurately. The efficient data syncing provides clear visibility of the orders, inventory, and shipping details.

Order Shipment and tracking information

NetSuite Shipstation Integration allows the import of order shipment and tracking information from ShipStation to NetSuite for better visibility.

Folio3’s Shipstation connector for NetSuite is customizable as per your business needs. Get in touch with us today!