NetSuite Shipstation Connector

Shipstation NetSuite Integration provides comprehensive order fulfillment and processing functionality along with multiple other features, providing greater visibility to sales and inventory and ensuring faster order management with effective error handling.


Shipstation NetSuite Integration


Through seamless ShipStation erp integration, businesses can get comprehensive dashboard analytics and access to detailed export order information. This integration enhances both the end-user and shipping experiences, improving overall operational efficiency.

Folio3’s NetSuite Shipstation connector allows you to optimize your shipping processes, streamlining the Netsuite ShipStation integration and delivering enhanced functionalities for a superior user experience.

NetSuite Shipstation Connector Highlights


Export Sales Orders to ShipStation

With NetSuite Shipstation integration, items can be updated seamlessly from NetSuite to Shipstation.

Import Fulfillment Status

Retrieve latest fulfillment statuses like orders picked, packed, and shipped, for accurate order tracking and customer communication.



Import Shipment & Tracking Info

Syncs details like shipping carriers, tracking numbers, and delivery statuses bringing shipment and tracking data back from ShipStation into NetSuite.


Update Items

Any updates made to items, such as pricing, descriptions, or availability, in NetSuite are synced to ShipStation, maintaining accurate product data for order fulfillment.


Streamlined Workflow

This integration causes quicker order fulfillment cycles reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors, and optimizing order processing time.


Order Management

Gain a comprehensive view of order lifecycles. Make better decisions, improve customer service, and increase transparency across sales and fulfillment operations.

NetSuite Shipstation Integration Benefits


Save Time:
Save time on manual tasks and accelerate order fulfillment workflows.


Timely Updates:
Gain visibility with timely synchronization of fulfillment statuses and shipment details between ShipStation and NetSuite


Enhanced Tracking:
Centralize shipment and tracking information within NetSuite, and get a comprehensive view of order statuses for improved tracking and customer communication.


Consistent Product Data:
Maintain consistency in product information between NetSuite and ShipStation, ensuring accurate item details for efficient order processing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    By automating order processes and minimizing manual data entry, ShipStation ERP Integration saves time and reduces errors, leading to increased operational efficiency.

    ShipStation ERP Integration typically facilitates order synchronization, real-time updates on order statuses, shipment tracking, inventory management, and seamless communication between shipping and other business operations managed within the ERP system

    A Salesforce to NetSuite connector allows bidirectional synchronization of crucial data such as customer information, leads, sales orders, invoices, products, and pricing between Salesforce and NetSuite.

    Yes, most integration solutions allow for the migration of historical data, ensuring a comprehensive integration that incorporates existing records and information from both NetSuite and Salesforce.