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Importance of Implementing NetSuite

A solid NetSuite implementation is vital for getting the most value from your NetSuite solution. As a NetSuite Certified partner we can help you get the most out of your NetSuite solution, whether it’s the NetSuite CRM, NetSuite SuiteCommerce (Advanced or Site Builder) web store or the NetSuite ERP.

As a NetSuite partner, we have the NetSuite expertise, industry know-how and understanding of business processes to help you implement your NetSuite solution with minimal risk and well within your desired time frame.

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Why Choose NetSuite?

As a tenured NetSuite partner, we have developed extensive expertise in all facets of the NetSuite ecosystem. We understand the complexities involved in a NetSuite implementation and can help guide you through the entire implementation process – from hashing out requirements and planning, right through to the actual deployment. And with our NetSuite development capabilities, we can even assist with any customization requirements that you may have, after deployment.

Our NetSuite Implementation Process

Our implementation methodology combines best practices from our own implementation experiences as well as NetSuite’s recommended guide. We work with our clients to create a detailed implementation plan and the timeline for the project, by identifying the business requirements, potential risks, use cases, compliance requirements, etc. so we can implement your NetSuite solution with minimal disruption.

  • Planning
  • GAP Analysis
  • System Design
  • Data Migration
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • End-user Testing & Training
  • Support

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Benefits of Implementing NetSuite


Deep NetSuite Expertise

With over 10 years of NetSuite development experience, we have developed extensive expertise in all areas of NetSuite, and can help you with any NetSuite development requirements you have, not just implementation.


High Quality Implementation

As a NetSuite partner and NetSuite development experts, you can be sure that when you utilize our implementation services, you are getting a quality solution. Given that most of our NetSuite customers come to us via referrals, we believe our work speaks for itself.


Cost Effective Implementation

We offer high-quality services at a fraction of the cost charged by our competitors, by offering an onshore-offshore delivery model that helps keep our implementation cost down but without compromising on quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite implementation is the process of creating, testing, and launching a customized NetSuite ERP instance with features and capabilities tailored to your specific business requirements.

As a leading NetSuite implementation agency, Folio3 offers comprehensive NetSuite implementation services tailored to your business needs. Our team of experienced consultants and developers specialize in delivering customized NetSuite implementation solutions, ensuring a seamless transition to the NetSuite ERP system. With our expertise and industry-best practices, we help you optimize your business processes and maximize the benefits of NetSuite’s powerful features.

Folio3 stands out as a trusted NetSuite implementation partner due to our deep understanding of the NetSuite ERP system, coupled with extensive implementation experience. Our team takes a consultative approach, working closely with you to analyze your unique requirements and develop a tailored implementation strategy. We ensure smooth deployment, data migration, customization, and training to ensure a successful NetSuite ERP implementation that meets your specific business goals.

There is no preset schedule, but it is determined by the complexity of your requirements and the size of your firm. For a large organization, end-to-end deployment can take anywhere from a month to over a year. SuiteSuccess is a product and method for implementing NetSuite. The process incorporates best practises specific to your sector. Your NetSuite ROI is accelerated by SuiteSuccess while the general business risk frequently connected to technology projects is decreased.

The entire process only takes around 3 months, from initial preparation to a final go-live date. You can experience unprecedented company growth in just one quarter.

As an experienced NetSuite implementation partner, Folio3 provides end-to-end Oracle ERP implementation services. Leveraging our expertise in Oracle technologies and a comprehensive understanding of business processes, we deliver seamless Oracle ERP implementation solutions that align with your organization’s goals. Our services encompass configuration, customization, data migration, integration, and training to ensure a successful Oracle ERP implementation.

The duration of a NetSuite ERP implementation can vary depending on the complexity of your business requirements and the scope of customization. At Folio3, we follow a structured implementation methodology, including project scoping, configuration, testing, data migration, and training. We work closely with you to establish realistic timelines and milestones, ensuring a timely and successful NetSuite ERP implementation.

Data migration is a critical aspect of the NetSuite implementation process, and Folio3 has extensive experience in handling data migration projects. Our team employs industry best practices and proven methodologies to ensure a smooth and accurate transfer of your data from legacy systems or spreadsheets to the NetSuite ERP platform, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

At Folio3, we offer comprehensive post-implementation support and maintenance services to ensure the ongoing success of your NetSuite ERP implementation. Our team provides assistance with troubleshooting, bug fixes, system updates, user training, and continuous improvements. We are dedicated to being a long-term partner for your NetSuite ERP journey, supporting you beyond the initial implementation.

As a NetSuite implementation partner, Folio3 specializes in customizing the NetSuite ERP system to align with your specific business processes. We collaborate closely with you to understand your unique requirements and configure NetSuite accordingly. Our team leverages NetSuite’s customization capabilities to tailor workflows, data fields, reports, and dashboards, ensuring that NetSuite caters to your organization’s specific needs.

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