WooCommerce NetSuite Integration Connector

Automatically sync orders, customer data, inventory, products, billing, fulfillment, & more between WooCommerce & NetSuite

woocommerce integration connector

Turn-key NetSuite WooCommerce Integration

Turn-key, real-time, fully automated integration between the world’s favorite eCommerce solution WooCommerce and NetSuite, the World’s #1 Cloud-based ERP. Save time and overhead cost with our NetSuite WooCommerce Connector!

Automatically sync Orders, Customer data, Inventory levels, Products, Billing, Fulfillments & more between your WooCommerce based web store and NetSuite.

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NetSuite WooCommerce Connector Integration Highlights

Unified Stock Management

Centralize inventory across multiple warehouses and manage it all from one system

Easy Order Management

Automate sales order synchronization from BigCommerce and manage on NetSuite

Blazing Fast Fulfillment

Streamline fulfillment with rapid order placement and delivery

Consistent Product Info

Always have your product info, like color, price, size, description, etc., updated on your webstore

Quick Refunds

Make sure you keep consumers satisfied by processing timely refunds

Added Functionalities

Build additional workflows and functionalities like auto-syncing of canceled orders, delisting, etc

Easy Deployment

Have your integration set up and deployed with the utmost ease

Extensive Customizations

Get your integration tailored to fit your specific business requirements

Real-time Dashboards

In-depth visibility on integration status and overall health

woocommerce integration connector

NetSuite WooCommerce Connector Benefits

Save time and overhead cost with WooCommerce Integration


Synchronize front and back office operations and enhance customer service


Regular automated updates with no disruptions to your business


Support multiple WooCommerce stores on a single integration


Fully customizable integration tailored to your business’ requirements

Seamlessly Sync Customers, Contacts, Products, and Pricing in Real-time with our WooCommerce Connector

  • Automatically transfer product info, product categories, pricing and SKUs from NetSuite to WooCommerce
  • Automatically sync & update inventory levels from NetSuite to WooCommerce
  • Multi-currency, multi-store and multiple pricing tiers support (incl. trade account pricing)
  • Support for matrix items, item variants and meta fields on products and variants
  • Support for multiple warehouses
  • Support for promotional codes and coupons
  • Automatically sync all Sales Orders and Customer data from Woocommerce to NetSuite
  • Identify returning customers
  • Manage customer accounts by individual and/or business customer
  • Support for multiple payment methods and recurring sales orders
  • Import billing info for each sales order from WooCommerce to NetSuite
  • Automatically sync fulfilled sales order statuses from NetSuite to WooCommerce
  • Automatically sync shipping details from NetSuite to WooCommerce for fulfilled sales orders
  • Support for partial fulfillment
  • Invoice generation in NetSuite and/or WooCommerce

Case Studies


Apera designs, manufactures, and markets specially-made antimicrobial fitness bags and accessories. Folio3 completely integrated their WooCommerce web store with their NetSuite ERP system.

case study


Mugnaini Wood Fired Ovens offers the highest quality appliances in wood-fired pizza ovens. Folio3 fully integrated its NetSuite ERP system and its front-facing WooCommerce web store.

case study

Peter Pap

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs is a California-based company that specializes in antique rugs, carpets, and tribal weavings. Folio3 integrated their WooCommerce site with their NetSuite ERP.

case study

WooCommerce NetSuite Integration – Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Folio3 NetSuite WooCommerce integration is a NetSuite SuiteApp that is set up within your NetSuite ERP. So, you don’t have to worry about any downtime caused by third-party servers going down and can enjoy maximum security/up-time.

Yes, the Folio3 NetSuite WooCommerce Integration can easily be tailored to add custom data flows as needed, as long as the data flow is supported by the NetSuite and WooCommerce APIs.

The Folio3 NetSuite WooCommerce Integration can sync data every 15 mins, which is the minimum interval (set by NetSuite) to sync data. However, the sync can be set up at different intervals for different flows as required.

Yes, additional WooCommerce sites, from the same WooCommerce instance/account, can be added with ease at additional cost.

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