NetSuite DHL Express Connector Integration

Integrate your DHL account with their Oracle NetSuite ERP. Make the data sync between your DHL account and NetSuite effortless and quick.

DHL Express NetSuite Integration Connector

Streamline Your Order Shipments and Data Management

With Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite DHL Express Connector, you can easily manage the shipment process from creation to labeling and updating across multiple systems. Make your Logistics process as painless as possible.

From Shipment creation to importing consignment numbers, importing shipping labels to shipment cancellations, everything will be synced across both the platforms automatically.

Step into the new era of automation and mitigate the errors caused by manual data entry.

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NetSuite DHL Express Connector Highlights

Shipment Creation

Shipment Creation

The shipments will automatically be created by the DHL Connector


Import Consignment Numbers

The shipment tracking number is saved in NetSuite from DHL. It is saved in the Item fulfillment field and the status of the sales order changes to ‘Shipped’ in NetSuite

Shipment label Creation

Shipping Label Generation

Sync shipping labels using the DHL API in NetSuite

Order Fulfillment Records

Fulfillment Record

The shipment labels will be associated to a fulfillment record. The fulfillment record store the URL in a custom field

Up-to-date Dashboard

Error Reporting

An automated email will be sent to the NetSuite admin in case of any errors

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Like all our connectors, the DHL Express connector also easily integrates with your DHL account


Extensive Customizations

Many new custom developments can be done to add new features to this connector

Reporting Dashboards


Your systems will always reflect updated stats

NetSuite DHL Express Integration Benefits

Folio3's NetSuite & DHL Express Integration is loaded with benefits


Smooth integration


Seamless data communication between DHL & NetSuite


All concerned personnel can access updated data from anywhere at any time


Fully customizable connector

Features of NetSuite and DHL Express Integration

  • Create Shipment in DHL from NetSuite
  • Once a shipment has been created and saved the item fulfillment record in NetSuite with the status ‘Packed’, the integration will automatically get/fetch the order’s shipment details from the NetSuite fulfillment record and the associated NetSuite sales order (such as the ship-to address, packages, sent-from address, return address, total number of pieces, total weight and other DHL specific details) and use that to create a shipment in DHL.
  • Shipments that fail to sync can be selected to resync with DHL and they’ll then be synced automatically.
  • Import/get the Consignment Number (shipment tracking number) from DHL and save it on the NetSuite item fulfillment record and change the status of the sales order to ‘Shipped’ in NetSuite.
  • Get/import the shipping label file (from the DHL shipment API response) and save that shipment label image in the NetSuite file cabinet and associate that shipment label with the fulfillment record (by saving its URL in a custom field on the fulfillment record).
  • Error reporting is done in the form of automated email alerts to the NetSuite administrator (every time a data sync error occurs with the integration) and via error logging. For Error Logs, NetSuite’s native user interface will be used

NetSuite DHL Express Integration Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite DHL Express Integration Connector License Cost – $4,500/year.

A one-time setup charge of $1,000 is also applicable for every integration.

Additional features can be added to this connector. To request any additional features of changes to this connector, submit a Customization request from our contact page.