NetSuite for Insurance Companies

Finance, Claims, Contracts, and Customer Management – All in a Single Platform.

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    Optimize Profitability with NetSuite

    Maintaining a prominent position is crucial in the fiercely competitive U.S. insurance market, where premiums surpassed $700 million in 2022. 

    NetSuite offers invaluable assistance to insurance companies, enhancing operational efficiency, fostering customer trust, and enabling you to stay on par with the 91% of companies already extracting the advantages of CRM systems.

    What you can do with NetSuite?

    Your insurance firm requires advanced functionality beyond what most business and finance software can provide. NetSuite offers the solution you need, equipping you with the right tools to overcome challenges such as late payments, commission errors, and missed policy renewals. With NetSuite, your insurance agency can achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

    Folio3, an award-winning NetSuite implementation partner, can help streamline your back-office operations, empower your workforce, and deliver trustworthy customer experiences!

    Premium Monitoring

    Effortlessly track premiums and vital policy information with NetSuite’s centralized data structure. 

    Commission Tracking

    Ensure commission accuracy with NetSuite, offering a clear view of commissions to maximize earnings and ensure fair compensation for insurance agents.

    Tailored Policy Servicing

    NetSuite streamlines policy and service delivery for the insurance industry, automating processes for personalized responses.

    Custom Reporting

    NetSuite provides customized reporting for insurance agencies, breaking down sales by office, agent, client, or policy type to gain valuable insights.

    Efficient Multi-Entity Management

    Managing multiple offices or policy types is effortless with NetSuite, centralizing data for easy control and oversight.

    Enhanced Accounts Receivable

    NetSuite automates credit terms, invoice delivery, and collection management, ensuring prompt payments from carriers. 

    Why Folio3 Stands Out

    • Decades of Proven Experience: Showcasing a rich legacy built upon years of invaluable expertise, resulting in consistently reliable outcomes.
    • Comprehensive NetSuite ERP Solutions: Proficient in delivering comprehensive services for NetSuite ERP, ensuring clients receive a seamless and tailored experience.
    • Finance Sector Prowess: With our deep expertise and comprehensive insights in the finance industry, we provide precise and specialized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
    • Extensive Global Consultation Hours: With over 22,400 consultation hours across various countries and clients, Folio3 has cultivated a comprehensive and versatile perspective in efficiently catering to customers globally.

    Discover how Folio3 can enhance efficiency and profitability for insurance agencies through the use of NetSuite.