Moulton NetSuite Integration Connector

Integrate NetSuite with Moulton in an effortless manner. The data synchronization to and from Moulton and NetSuite and vice versa makes customer and order management as easy as a walk in the park.

Save time and energy with this uninterrupted communication between your applications and increase the efficiency & exactness of your outputs.

Streamline Orders, Shipments and Inventory

Our NetSuite Moulton Integration Connector will integrate its NetSuite with Moulton system enabling you to sync orders (in an XML format) from NetSuite into Moulton system. This would automatically update the order status in NetSuite as it gets processed in Moulton. It will then Sync fulfillments from Moulton into NetSuite and finally syncing tracking information from Moulton to NetSuite shipment record. All of this done in a completed automated and stress-free way.

Script Based NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Moulton Connector Highlights

Export Sales Order

Push Sales Order from NetSuite to Moulton System

Update Order Status

Update Order status in NetSuite as Sales Order gets processed in Moulton System

Order Fulfillment

Pull Sales Order fulfillment from Moulton into NetSuite

Sync Tracking Information

Pull tracking information from Moulton to NetSuite fulfillment record

Easy Deployment

Folio3’s pre-built Connectors makes deployment and configuration a very painless task

Extensive Customizations

There can be many additional features or customizations in the existing ones to meet special business needs

Updated Dashboards

Get up-to-date stats synced across both your systems

NetSuite Moulton Integration Benefits

Eliminate manual data entry and data entry errors with automated synchronization of data, saving time, effort and overhead


No more missing fields or duplications in the data


Forget about inaccurate entries and delays in your business processes


Find the latest data in any of the two platforms that you choose


All Customizations allowed by Moulton can be done as an addition

Features of NetSuite and Moulton Integration

  • Sales Order will be pushed to Moulton using an XML file having information like Company Name, Address, SKUs to be shipped, Shipping Method and Unique Order identification number. No credit card or payment information will be passed as the 3PL system strictly does fulfillment.
  • Upon sales order status is updation in Moulton System to “In process”, status of the corresponding NetSuite Sales Order will be updated to Pending Fulfillment.
  • After Moulton ships the order, fulfillment for corresponding NetSuite Sales Order should get created.
  • Once Moulton’s system is updated with courier tracking information (FedEx, UPS, etc.), NetSuite fulfillment record should be updated with the tracking information. Again, this will be performed by Folio3’s connector using a scheduled job

NetSuite Moulton Integration Pricing

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Need some additional features? Our solutions are completely Customizable. Any extra features you’re looking for can be developed according to your needs. If wish to integrate some our existing NetSuite connectors with your systems, you can learn more about them through our NetSuite Integration Services section page. All integrations are pre-loaded with a bundle of features and benefits. .

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