NetSuite CRM Connectors

NetSuite CRM connectors by Folio3 give you increased control of you inquiries and marketing activities so you can hit the marks.

NetSuite Integration with the World’s Leading CRM

If you’re in hope to get more out of your marketing efforts, then it is time that you turn to NetSuite. Integrate your CRM with NetSuite, so all your inquiries, leads or sales are synced across all your systems to allow real-time access of updated information.
Less time to manage the data means more time to focus on closing the deal. Help your key-players save time and focus on the goal.


Integrate Zendesk & NetSuite


Integrate HubSpot & NetSuite


Integrate SalesForce & NetSuite

EID Connector

Integrate EID Connector & NetSuite

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can integrate your NetSuite ERP with nearly all CRM platforms with a custom integration solution. A lot of companies offering NetSuite development services also provide plug-and-play connectors for most major CRM platforms. 

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud computing company that is best known for its powerful ERP solution. It also offers a CRM solution as one of its products.

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