VoxSmart Integration


VoxSmart is a FinTech company specializing in data-driven solutions for financial institutions. Their services, including mobile capture and communication surveillance, enable compliant use of voice, SMS, and WhatsApp for transactions. They also offer trade reconstruction and data insights, helping clients generate alpha, manage risk, and save time.


Folio3 integrated HubSpot with NetSuite for VoxSmart to improve sales data management. This integration synced sales records, optimized data flow, and enhanced operational efficiency by transferring companies, deals, and quotes between platforms. The integration also enabled exporting invoice data and PDF files, improving data consistency and sales analytics for VoxSmart.

The Challenge

VoxSmart faced challenges with inefficient lead management, poor data synchronization between systems, and the inability to effectively leverage customer insights, leading to a disjointed sales and marketing strategy and operational inefficiencies.


  • Import Companies from HubSpot into NetSuite
  • Import Deals from HubSpot into NetSuite as Sales Order
  • Export Invoice Data from NetSuite to HubSpot along with Invoice PDF File
  • Invoice total amount or invoice PDF  will be sent to HubSpot Deal record.
  • HubSpot stores files on public CDN servers. So any file uploaded from NetSuite to HubSpot will be available to anyone who has access to file url.


Folio3’s custom integration for VoxSmart between HubSpot and NetSuite helped VoxSmart with sales data management and customer relations. The integration enabled smooth data flow, improving decision-making and customer engagement. This implementation not only streamlined sales and billing, but also reduced manual processes, enhancing operational workflows.

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