NetSuite Ecommerce

NetSuite ecommerce connectors by Folio3 allow you to increase your sales by allowing data sync with multiple systems in real-time.

Integrate NetSuite with the biggest CMS of the World

All the grunt work like updating orders, customer information, inventory details, product details, billing and accounts and fulfillment is synced automatically.

All you need to worry about is creating and implementing the perfect strategy to get more customers to hit that buy button. Accelerate sales and drive better results by investing in your customer research and new marketing tactics to get them to convert.


Integrate WooCommerce & NetSuite


Integrate BigCommerce & NetSuite

Spree Commerce

Integrate Spree Commerce & NetSuite


Integrate Magento & NetSuite


Integrate Shopify & NetSuite

Case Studies

4D Motion Inc.

The 4D Motion Inc is a robust and portable system helping people to track each and every movement of the body using their mobile phones. 4D motion is a healthcare and fitness business that needs ERP integration with Netsuite

case study

Air Bag Man

Airbag man, the unrivalled manufacturer of Airbags and Air Suspensions, is an Australian, family-owned business. Air Bag Man wanted to utilize Folio3’s Shopify Connector for NetSuite to integrate their Shopify based storefront with their Oracle NetSuite ERP

case study


Apera designs, manufactures, and markets specially-made antimicrobial fitness bags and accessories. Folio3 completely integrated their WooCommerce web store with their NetSuite ERP system.

case study


Block Communications Inc. (BCI) is a diversified media holdings company headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. Folio3 integrated their Shopify-powered, multi-vendor, e-commerce web store with the ERP system.

case study

Beauty Blender

BeautyBlender is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of cosmetics and makeup sponges. Folio3 seamlessly integrated their Magento web store with their NetSuite back-office.

case study

Big Poppa Smokers

Big Poppa Smokers is one of the leading internet retailers for BBQ Grills, Smokers, Rubs, Sauces, & Accessories. Folio3 fully integrated their NetSuite ERP system and Magento web store.

case study


BioSkin was looking for the Magento 2 and Netsuite ERP integration and Folio3 helped them with the smooth integration

case study

BlueSpring Wellness

Folio3 seamlessly integrated its Shopify web store with its NetSuite ERP system creating a holistic system for monitoring and reporting processes across the organization

case study


Intek America Inc., a large manufacturer and distributor of consumer products used at homes, offices and the commercial space. Intek America needed to utilize Folio3’s Shopify & NetSuite Connector to integrate NetSuite

case study

Club Pilates

Club Pilates is a California-based Pilates studio chain that provides high-quality training at 428 studio locations across the United States. Folio3 integrated 7 of their BigCommerce web stores with their ERP.

case study

Essential Products, Inc.

Essential is a company, based in Palo Alto, that manufactures and markets the Essential Phone. Folio3 worked on integration of their Shopify based web store with their NetSuite ERP using their NetSuite Shopify Integration Connector

case study

Garret Leight

Garrett Leight is an independent eyewear brand, based in Venice Beach, that offers a fresh look with classic styles and iconic designs. Folio3 fully integrated their Magento web store with their NetSuite ERP.

case study

GoEco Life

Intek America, Inc. manufactures consumer products and sells its merchandise via bigbox retail. Folio3 fully automated data flow between NetSuite and the frond-end Shopify stores and

case study


Mother Dirt is a US-based beauty brand that sells healthy skin-care products based on naturally occurring good bacteria. Folio3 fully integrated their Magento 2 Enterprise web store and NetSuite ERP.

case study


Mugnaini Wood Fired Ovens offers the highest quality appliances in wood-fired pizza ovens. Folio3 fully integrated its NetSuite ERP system and its front-facing WooCommerce web store.

case study


ORCA Coolers manufactures and sells American made, roto-molded, rugged coolers, outdoor apparel, drinkware, and accessories. Folio3 fully integrated their NetSuite ERP with their Shopify web stores.

case study

Orien Dental Supplies

Folio3 provided Orien Dental Supplies with the Netsuite ERP system for the Magento-based web store to streamline the business operations

case study

Peter Pap

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs is a California-based company that specializes in antique rugs, carpets, and tribal weavings. Folio3 integrated their WooCommerce site with their NetSuite ERP.

case study

PK Safety

PK Safety is a seller of safety equipment like gas detectors, tower climbing harnesses, confined space tripods, and self-retracting lifelines. Folio3 integrated their BigCommerce web store with their ERP.

case study

The Renewal Workshop

The Renewal Workshop is the leading provider of circular solutions for apparel and textile brands. Folio3 set up their back office on Oracle NetSuite (SuiteSuccess AFA Emerging edition). Folio3 also integrated its Shopify web stores with NetSuite

case study

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is a fitness lifestyle brand that reaches millions of women committed to wellness everywhere & within their community. Folio3 fully integrated their Shopify based web store and NetSuite ERP.

case study

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Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite has been in the market for nearly 25 years and is well aware of the market dynamics and the challenges being faced by most eCommerce providers. Its eCommerce development solution, SuiteComerce, is known as one of the best and most reliable eCommerce platforms.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce supports both B2B as well as B2C eCommerce from one single platform.

There is an annual NetSuite license fee that gives you the license to use SuiteCommerce. The license fee includes module pricing and depends on the modules you choose and the number of users you have. Other than this, there is also an implementation fee that you have to pay one time for the initial setup. Overall, the cost can vary depending on the customizations you require and the integrations you need.

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