BioSkin is a family owned business known for manufacturing and distributing orthopedic braces and sports gear. With 25 years of excellence and experience, BioSkin is famous among the customers for the top quality products. BioSkin has been helping people with innovative bracing solutions along with the futuristic designs inspired by human anatomy.


BioSkin was looking for the Magento 2 and Netsuite ERP integration. Folio3 catered to all the pain points and worked on data synchronization along with various other customizations for the web store and also for the back office with the Netsuite ERP.

The Challenge

BioSkin was looking for data synchronization along with the integration of Magento 2 on the web stores. One of the major challenges was the back office Netsuite Erp integration along with the other custom integrations for inventory management and tiered pricing.


Based on the client’s requirements, Folio3 was able to provide data synchronization along with the back office and web stores with Netsuite Erp and Magento 2 integrations respectively. Along with that there were some of the other solutions that were provided for seamless integration and user experience. Some of the key customizations that were applied are listed below.

  • Netsuite to Magento 2 Synchronization for inventory items
  • Syncing B2B Magento contacts as individual Netsuite contacts
  • Tiered pricing syncing from magento to netsuite
  • Custom group pricing synchronization
  • Synchronization of customer credit terms along with the Netsuite to Magento 2 custom credit limits integration


BioSkin needed Netsuite to Magento integrations for the B2B platform in the webstores and the backend as well. Folio3 understood the requirements and provided them with data automation along with the synchronization of data from Netsuite to Magento 2.

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