NetSuite Opayo (Sage Pay) Connector

Opayo, formerly Sage Pay, when integrated with NetSuite, helps you with the online collection of payments ensuring safe and simple payment processes. 

NetSuite & Sage Pay Integration

Streamline the financial operations of your business with Sage Pay Netsuite integration  by Folio3. This integration seamlessly connects the Netsuite account with SagePay, allowing efficient and secure payment processing. Save time and eliminate manual data entry with automatic updates of transactions and customer information.

NetSuite Opayo/Sage Pay Connector Highlights

Seamless Automation

With Opayo, formerly Sage Pay, NetSuite integration, seamless connection with several databases is possible.

Import Order Status

With Sage Pay NetSuite Integration, import order status from Sage Pay to NetSuite.

Effective Error Handling

The error handling mechanism SagePay NetSuite integration helps to reduce errors during import and export of data between NetSuite and your system.

NetSuite Sage Pay/Opayo Integration Benefits


Improved efficiency and accuracy of financial operations


Seamless syncing of payment and customer information



Reduced manual data entry and errors



Enhanced customer experience with streamlined checkout process


Features of NetSuite and Sage Pay Integration

Import Order Status

With Sage Pay NetSuite Integration, import order status from SagePay to NetSuite. Folio3 SagePay connector will import current order status into NetSuite and store it in “Sales Orders” records. All of the sale order data imported will be stored under “Pending Approval” until the payment status is confirmed by SagePay.

Folio3’s Sage Pay connector for NetSuite is customizable as per your business needs. Get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a Sagepay integration with NetSuite, you can utilize NetSuite’s SuitePayments API or work with a certified NetSuite Solution Provider that specializes in payment integrations. They can guide you through the process of integrating Sagepay with NetSuite, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing.

Sagepay is a secure and reliable payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online payments. It provides a range of payment solutions and services, including online card payments, e-commerce solutions, fraud prevention tools, and more.

Sagepay works by securely processing online payments between customers, merchants, and banks. When a customer makes a purchase on a website, Sagepay facilitates the transfer of payment information, encrypts it for security purposes, and authorizes the transaction with the relevant banks or card issuers. It ensures that sensitive payment data is handled safely and helps prevent fraud.

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