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NetSuite marketplace connectors by Folio3 allow you to increase your business efficiencies of your omnichannel sales.

Integrate NetSuite with the Leading Marketplaces of the World

Take this opportunity to integrate the world’s leading ERP (NetSuite) with your website & Marketplace(s) to remove the daily struggle of individually uploading products on all platforms separately. Take care of your operations smartly by automating:

  • Sync of customer records
  • Sync of marketplace orders
  • Sync fulfillment and shipment details

Connect eBay & NetSuite

Connect Walmart & NetSuite

Connect Amazon & NetSuite

Connect Joor & NetSuite

Connect eBay Motors & NetSuite

Case Studies

American FireGlass

American Fire Glass is the world’s premier manufacturer of Fireplace, Fire Pit Glass, and related burner products. Folio3 integrated their Amazon Seller Central account with their NetSuite ERP system.

case study


Based out of Los Angeles, ANINE BING is a fashion brand catering to the female audience. Anine Bing wanted to like to integrate their Joor account with their Oracle NetSuite ERP

case study


Camilla Franks is a globally renowned Australian fashion designer. “Camilla” and “Camilla International” integrated Folio3’s JOOR and NetSuite integration connector

case study

Colson Health (Boobie Brands)

Boobie Brands is a women’s health and wellness brand, owned by Colson Health Inc. Folio3 successfully integrated Colson Health’s Amazon North America FBA account with their Oracle NetSuite ERP using Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Connector

case study

Deliciously Ella

Headquartered in London, Deliciously Ella is a rapidly growing food business founded by Ella Mills. Folio3 successfully integrated Deliciously Ella’s Amazon Europe Seller Central account with the Amazon UK, France and Germany marketplaces.

case study

Global Syn Turf

Global Syn-Turf (GST) is a leading artificial grass manufacturer and distributor in the US. Folio3 integrated GST’s Amazon Seller Center ( with their NetSuite ERP.

case study


SKECH is a accessories manufacturer and retailer for smartphones and tablets across the globe. Folio3 completely integrated SKECH’s Amazon account with their back-office NetSuite.

case study


Wrigleyville is a one-stop-shop for all authentic & licensed merchandise for Chicago-based sports teams. Folio3 seamlessly integrated Wrigleyville’s Amazon Seller Center and back-office NetSuite ERP.

case study

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online marketplace is a kind of e-commerce website that connects different buyers and sellers and provides them a platform to market their products and make their transactions. Marketplace integration is the process of building a connection between a marketplace and your eCommerce software. It facilitates easy access to the store data listed on the marketplace.

Marketplace integration is important because it allows sellers to manage several multi-channel accounts simultaneously through a common marketplace, irrespective of any geographical boundaries or limitations. This means they can sell the same inventory from one central dashboard using multiple accounts. 

There are many advantages of using an e-commerce marketplace integration. Some of them are listed below:

  • Faster and more secure data transfer
  • Reduced time and effort with a single centralized dashboard
  • Streamlined workflow and automated processes
  • Ability to cover more channels and give products more visibility
  • Centralized data across every channel
  • Easier promotion and pricing management across all channels
  • Improved brand presence
  • Reduced operational errors
  • Improved demand anticipation

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