Camilla Franks is a globally renowned Australian fashion designer. She’s known for her artistic designs that are inspired by her travels to lands that are distant and beyond.


“Camilla” and “Camilla International” integrated Folio3’s JOOR and NetSuite integration connector.

The Challenge

The manual synchronization of data across the website with the ERP caused numerous errors, increasing delays, inaccuracies and frustrations.


Camilla Australia PTY LTD utilized Folio3’s JOOR Connector for NetSuite to integrate their JOOR accounts (“Camilla” and “Camilla International”) with their Oracle NetSuite ERP. The purpose of this document is to outline the scope of the NetSuite JOOR integration, and provide the efforts & costs involved in its deployment. Included in this document are:

  • Export Customers from NetSuite to JOOR
  • Import Sales Order from JOOR to NetSuite
  • Import Connections from JOOR to NetSuite
  • Export modifications in Connections related record from NetSuite to JOOR
  • Export the brand’s shipping/billing address from NetSuite to JOOR
  • Export the brand’s supported payment methods from NetSuite to JOOR
  • Export the brands supported shipping methods from NetSuite to JOOR
  • Sync Inventory from NetSuite to JOOR
  • Export matrix items from NetSuite to JOOR as styles.


With Folio3’s Joor Connector, Camilla smoothly managed the data sync between NetSuite & Joor.

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