American Fire Glass


American Fire Glass is a pioneer in the fireplace/fire pit glass and burner products industry, with a vast network of resellers spread across the US and Canada, giving their customers easy access to top quality fire glass and hearth products.

AFG enjoys a strong market presence with the majority health product dealers, online and conventional, across Canada and the US.


American Fire Glass is the world’s premier manufacturer of Fireplace, Fire Pit Glass, and related burner products. Folio3 integrated their Amazon Seller Central account with their NetSuite ERP system to create a seamless end-to-end system.

The Challenge

American Fire Glass uses Amazonas one of their sales channels, therefore they have to put in additional manual efforts to keep their Amazon Seller Central account synchronized with their Netsuite ERP. This not only requires more time but also introduces the risk of error in keeping the data flowing through the systems accurate.


Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite Amazon Connector is an Integration-as-a-Service product that enables full automation & end-to-end integration between NetSuite and the Amazon Seller Central accounts. The connector enabled American Fire Glass to save valuable time and added effort that is usually wasted in manually keeping the Shopify and NetSuite accounts in sync.

With the connector, American Fire Glass can focus more on other areas of business like sales, fulfillment, etc. The standard features for the connector are:

  • Automatically imports all ‘checkout complete’ orders along with the associated customer, data from Amazon into NetSuite.
  • Automatically synchronizes inventory quantity, price, and item ID between NetSuite and Amazon.
  • Automatically updates the status of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite, in Amazon.
  • Automatically exports shipping information (shipping date, carrier details & tracking number) of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite to Amazon.
  • Automatic generation of cash sales and invoices in NetSuite upon order sync.
  • Maintains a complete log of all tasks performed, in NetSuite.

Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Integration connector is Built for NetSuite, therefore it is completely secure while complying with all the standards and practices set by NetSuite as well.


With Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Integration connector, American Fire Glass was able to seamlessly integrate their Amazon Seller Central account with their NetSuite ERP system, thereby saving valuable time and admin effort in keeping both the systems synced.

The connector enabled end-to-end automation of the processes, thereby creating a holistic system for the organization to manage operations and processes. AFG can now focus more on key business functions and work efficiently towards growth and not worry about operational bottlenecks and scaling.


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