Stratacomm is a dynamic communications and public affairs agency known for providing strategic messaging and innovative solutions. They specialize in public relations, digital communications, and stakeholder engagement to help clients tackle complex challenges. Stratacomm’s diverse portfolio reflects their commitment to delivering impactful campaigns and fostering meaningful connections, making them a trusted partner for companies in the communications field.


Stratacomm utilized multiple IT systems for process optimization, with NetSuite ERP for financial management and Asana for project tracking as core components. Folio3 successfully implemented an Asana-NetSuite Integration connector for Stratacomm. This integration enables effortless data exchange and automation between Asana and NetSuite, with the goal of streamlining workflow and data management. Ultimately, it enhances Stratacomm’s operational efficiency and reporting capabilities.

The Challenge

Stratacomm wanted to develop and implement a seamless electronic integration solution that will connect their NetSuite and Asana system. The primary objective is to ensure that Stratacomm can efficiently manage projects within Asana while enabling the automatic and seamless transfer of pertinent data between Asana and NetSuite


Folio3’s Asana NetSuite Integration connector helps stratacomm with

  • Inviting new NetSuite employees to join the Asana team, even if they are not initially part of it.
  • Automatically transferring project task updates, including assignee details, estimated hours, start and end times, from Asana to NetSuite.
  • Import project task updates from Asana, such as assignee information, estimated hours, start and end times, into NetSuite.
  • Exporting projects created in NetSuite to Asana and generate corresponding project records in Asana.
  • Assigning NetSuite project task resources to Asana projects; if a resource is not present in NetSuite, create a generic employee record that can be manually updated to the actual employee.
  • Representing NetSuite project tasks as sections within Asana project records.
  • Creating and maintaining NetSuite project tasks as sections within Asana.
  • Establishing and updating NetSuite resource allocations for Asana project tasks, including estimated hours.
  • Creating and updating project records in ASANA
  • Syncing projects and project tasks on a minimum interval of 15 minutes



Folio3’s implementation of Asana NetSuite connector resulted in significant improvements for Stratacomm. Data flow, including task updates and resource assignments, has become automatic, reducing manual work and errors. Stratacomm can also export NetSuite projects to Asana, improving project management. The integration has enhanced operational efficiency and reporting capabilities, ultimately streamlining their processes.

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