SuiteSuccess Implementation


ChromaDex is a global phytochemical bioscience company focused on healthy aging along with business research focused on natural botanical products. ChromaDex has partnered with various research units and universities focused on the research for NAD.


ChromaDex, which has multiple web stores on Amazon, Shopify, and Ali Baba was looking for integration to automate the data and create a workflow for an end to end data visibility. Folio3 provided Netsuite ERP integration to enhance customer experience and automate the data flow for better results.

The Challenge

Since ChromaDex is a global company with web stores on various platforms, seamless Netsuite ERP integration was a complicated task. One other challenge was to integrate the custom functionalities to ensure a smooth customer experience.


Folio3 provided ChromaDex with the following solutions.

  • Netsuite ERP integration with Amazon, Shopify B2B, and Ali Baba web stores
  • Data Automation across all the web stores
  • Custom theme and functionalities for enhanced user experience and greater satisfaction


Folio3 was able to provide end-to-end integration ensuring the data flow is smooth. Also, Netsuite ERP integration was implemented for the web stores for better navigation and automation. Visibility of the web stores was also made better with the creation of a holistic Netsuite ERP system.

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