4D Motion Inc.

Shopify Integration


The 4D Motion Inc is a robust and portable system helping people to track each and every movement of the body using their mobile phones. This enables coaches and therapists to remotely help the people. It stores all the data on cloud, enabling you to check and evaluate the progress. With 4D motion sensors, the data is precise and accurate.


4D motion is a healthcare and fitness business that needs ERP integration with Netsuite. Folio3 was able to provide them with the integration they needed along with the custom functionalities to cater to their needs.

The Challenge

4D Motion needed a fully automated website with integration that automates the customer data and stores data on cloud.

  • Data synchronization on cloud 
  • Authorization of the orders on Shopify website 
  • Promotions synchronization


Based on 4D Motion requirements, Folio3 was successful in integrating the Netsuite ERP system with Shopify web store that helped in compiling the preferences based on data saved on the cloud. The custom functionalities were also added, enabling glitch-free data compilation and authorization.

Folio3 was successful in providing the client with the following solutions to the highlighted challenges.

  • Better UI/UX design and faster website 
  • Impeccable customer experience with seamless integration of data.
  • Promotion and order synchronization via Shopify web store
  • Netsuite ERP system integration with Shopify store to add user convenience.


4D Motion was satisfied with the seamless integration that folio3 offered, along with the other custom functionalities that were added to help customers have a smooth experience based on data tracked by sensors and stored on cloud.

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