Pool Factory


The Pool Factory specializes in above-ground and semi-inground pools, offering a wide range of swimming pool supplies and accessories. As America’s Above Ground Pool Experts™, their online platform facilitates the purchase of pools, pool equipment, chemicals, and everything needed for pool maintenance and care.


Folio3 implemented its Shopify Connector for NetSuite for The Pool Factory, providing a fully automated end-to-end integration between Shopify web stores and NetSuite. This solution automated tasks such as order import, inventory synchronization, and sales order status updates, saving time and effort.

The Challenge

The Pool Factory faced challenges in manual synchronization, potential data inaccuracies, time-consuming processes for updating inventory and orders, and a lack of real-time data exchange between Shopify and NetSuite.


  • Automated import of orders and customer data from Shopify to NetSuite.
  • Synchronization of inventory, pricing, item details, and images from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Automatic updates of sales order statuses and shipping information from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Export of cash sales and refunds from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive log within NetSuite for all performed tasks.
  • Implementation directly within NetSuite via a native SuiteApp.
  • Import Customers from Shopify to NetSuite. 
  • Import Sales Orders from Shopify to NetSuite
  • Export Item data from NetSuite to Shopify
  • Cash Sale sync from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Export Sales Price from NetSuite to Shopify. 


  • The connector should only import checkout complete and pending fulfillment Shopify orders that are in ‘Pending Approval’ status in Shopify, into NetSuite.
  • Once the pending fulfillment order’s status is updated to ‘Approved’ in Shopify, the connector should automatically update the corresponding NetSuite order’s status to ‘Approved’ as well.
  • Import refunds from Shopify into NetSuite, as cash refund records (instead of the connector’s default data flow of exporting cash refund records from NetSuite to Shopify, as credit memos).
  • Support for non-inventory type NetSuite items in the connector’s data flows. Non Inventory type NetSuite items will be synced to Shopify as non-inventory items.
  • Export all order fulfillments from NetSuite to Shopify daily at 2 am EST (instead of instantly)
  • Sync kit/package type NetSuite items to Shopify as simple products. The components of the kit and their quantities will be mentioned in the item’s description on Shopify


Post-implementation of the Folio3’s NetSuite Shopify integration connector, The Pool Factory benefited from streamlined operations, reduced manual labor, enhanced accuracy in data management, and improved customer satisfaction.

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