Asana NetSuite Integration Connector

Sync data between Asana and your NetSuite account with ease, and ensure a flawless exchange of information with no data loss between your systems.


Maximize Your Team Efficiency with Asana and NetSuite Integration

NetSuite and Asana integration connector is designed to facilitate the seamless exchange of data and information between two powerful platforms.

Folio3’s NetSuite and Asana integration connector enables your organization to operate more efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and achieve greater collaboration and accuracy across your project management and financial management processes.

Asana Integration- NetSuite Connector Highlights

Effortless Resource Management: Bridging NetSuite and Asana
  • Invite new employees from NetSuite to join the Asana team, even if they aren’t part of it initially.
  • Transfer project task updates, including assignee information, estimated hours, start time, and end time, from Asana to NetSuite.
  • Bring project task updates from ASANA such as assignee estimated hours, start time, and end time from ASANA to NetSuite.
  • Export NetSuite projects created in NetSuite to ASANA and create the project record in ASANA.
  • Sync projects and project tasks on a minimum interval of 15 minutes.
  • Assign NetSuite project task resources to Asana projects. If a resource isn’t in NetSuite, it creates a generic employee record, which can be updated manually to the actual employee.
  • Create NetSuite project tasks as sections on the ASANA project record.
  • Create and update NetSuite project tasks as sections in ASANA.
  • Create and update NetSuite resource allocations against the ASANA project task and estimated hours.

NetSuite Asana Integration Benefits


Data Accuracy: It ensures that your data is consistent and up-to-date across both platforms.


Get Full Visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your projects and financial data in one place.


Be Efficient: Smoothly run your operations by automating the repetitive tasks


Cost Reduction: Reduction in the operational costs that is associated with data entry and reconciliation.

ASANA NetSuite Integration – Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

It helps you to connect your NetSuite ERP account with Asana, and allows you to exchange data. With this user can easily manage the projects, tasks, and resources in an optimal manner.

Folio3’s prebuilt connector can sync various kind of data, that includes project details, task assignments, timelines, estimated hours, and resource allocation.

Folio3 provides during and post technical support and assistance to make sure the user has a smooth integration experience, including setup guidance, troubleshooting, etc.

For us Data security is a top priority. Folio3’s NetSuite Asana connector employs encryption and other security measures to protect data during transfer, thus maintaining the privacy and integrity of your information.

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