Naked Wardrobe


Founded by three sisters, Naked Wardrobe is a fashion-forward brand that aims to empower women of all shapes and sizes by offering a wide range of trendy and stylish clothing. Their commitment to making quality products, providing exclusive offerings, and always staying on the leading edge of fashion trends, for more than a decade, resulted in Naked Wardrobe’s exponential growth every year.


Naked Wardrobe has built an impressive brand and is experiencing significant growth. In order to sustain and promote this growth, Naked Wardrobe needed an EPR system to streamline its operations and provide decision support data. Folio3 implemented Oracle NetSuite ERP as the foundational operations and financial management system, integrated into ShipStation and Magento to provide an end-to-end solution

The Challenge

Naked Wardrobe’s existing ERP allowed them to perform a limited set of tasks, such as shipping, inventory management, and frontline operations only. They were also using different software to perform different tasks like Shipstation for parcel shipment and Magento M1 for eCommerce management. Also, heavy reliance on manual processes to run operations was affecting the company’s productivity and growth.


Folio3 Implemented NetSuite Suite Success Apparel, Footwear, Accessories (AFA) Standard that helped Naked Wardrobe to perform their day-to-day financials, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, sales, and CRM functions – All in one Place.

  • New CMT Project records with the Primary information were created
  • An “Items To Produce” subtab was created allowing the users to enter the Style (“Matrix Item”) to be produced. The Style Variants (size/color) list was input allowing the user to enter a quantity to produce while generating a summary of the total produced quantity.
  • The option to plan projects was given through a “Plan” button (listing all of the CMT steps like Marking, Cutting, Embroidery, Sewing, Laundry, Screen Printing, and Finishing)
  • A default Vendor was assigned to each CMT step with the ability to be overridden by the user
  • A ‘default service item’ & ‘service unit price’ was assigned to each CMT Step with the option to be overridden
  • Provided a memo field is available for each CMT Step
  • Assigned a Vendor Bin (location) by default to each CMT Step which can be overridden
  • The user can schedule any project by clicking on a “Schedule” button, listing the relevant “Project Tasks / Milestones” for the selected CMT Steps and their relevant CMT Status
  • A Purchase Order (Service PO) is created when the CMT Step is released
  • A Release Transfer Inventory Adjustment is created if the given CMT Step requires the transfer of raw materials from Naked Wardrobe to the Vendor’s location
  • Actualize Transfer Inventory Adjustment: created to consume Raw Materials at the Vendor Location based on the consumption report they have sent to Naked Wardrobe
  • Option to release the given Project Task / CMT Step. This action requires the relevant Raw Material inventory to be available in the source Naked Wardrobe Warehouse.
  • The user can actualize the given Project Task / CMT Step via a screen in which the reported consumption can be populated (the expected BOM based consumption can be seen by fault)
  • The user can release each Project Task / CMT Step sequentially from a Project header button. This drives the value of the Project’s status and marks it with the current Project Task / CMT Step.
  • The user can receive the (final) finished goods into the inventory and complete the Project:
  1. All Service Expenses and Actualize Inventory Adjustment is already previously debited a WIP Account
  2. This final Receipt credits this WIP Account which transfers the WIP costs to the Inventory value of the received Produced Items


Folio3 implemented NetSuite Suite Success Apparel, Footwear, Accessories( AFA) solution that helped Naked Wardrobe to perform their day-to-day financials, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, sales, and CRM functions. It brought so much ease, transparency, and flexibility to Naked Wardrobe’s processes. The teams get a clear visibility on different manufacturing stages (cutting, sewing, embroidery, etc) and also save big time by performing tasks with just a few clicks on a single platform rather than doing it manually using different tools.

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