Rebag is a luxury resale company that allows individuals to buy and sell high-end items. Founded with the vision of sustainability in luxury fashion, it emphasizes accessibility to designer brands through a trusted platform.


Rebag partnered with Folio3, leading to the implementation of NetSuite SuiteSuccess AFA Standard ERP, alongside a seamless integration of their Amazon Redshift account with NetSuite. This pivotal move significantly enhanced operational efficiency. The implementation not only facilitated the generation of critical reports but also established a unified source of truth across the entire organization

The Challenge

ReBag operates across multiple sales channels and utilizes Amazon Redshift for data centralization. However, they faced challenges in generating essential reports such as financial and inventory analysis, crucial for monitoring performance.


Implementation of NetSuite SuiteSuccess AFA Standard ERP
  • Set up and configure General Accounting Setup including COA, Setup Departments, Locations & Classes
  • Set up Subsidiary Management, Accounting periods using the Calendar Months – 12 periods format, one for each calendar month in the fiscal year
  • Set up Journal Entries, Checks, Fiscal Close, and Bank Deposits for financial management.
  • Enabled Financial Reports, Electronic Payments, and Budgets for advanced finance operations.
  • Set up and configure Basic Item Master (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Kits),  Item Pricing (Price Levels), Unit of Measure, Item Tier Pricing,  Item Transactions
  • Set up  Bar Coding and Item Labels, Inventory Costing – Average, Grid Orders, Gift Certificates and Advanced Inventory
  • Configured NetSuite for vendor and purchasing processes, including Vendor Master, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Bills, Payments, and Returns.Set up A/P reports, Employee Master, and Vendor Center for streamlined financial management and vendor relations.
  • Set up and configure Customer/Contact Master, Quotes/Estimates, Sales Orders, Sales Order Item, Fulfillments, Invoices and Customer Payments
  • Review standard reports provided by NetSuite out-of-the-box which includes financial statement, sales report, purchase reports, vendor/payable, customer/receivable,

NetSuite RedShift Amazon Integration

  • Did  integration between RedShift Amazon and NetSuite (Via Middleware API SERVER)
  • Set up and configure Intercompany transactions, Inventory adjustment , Inventory transfers, Order to cash, Procure to Pay, Journal entry, Partial/Full Order Refunds,  and Journal Entries
  • Set up and configure Basic Item Master (Inventory, Non-Inventory items) 
  • Set up and configure vendors and customers entities.


  • Support for lot numbered simple inventory type items in the connector’s data flows. Lot numbered simple inventory items will be synced to Amazon as simple products (as Amazon does not support lot numbers).
  • Support for lot numbered assembly type items in the connector’s data flows.
  • For FBA fulfillments, the connector will automatically add the lot number (based on the Lot that is closest to expiry) to the fulfillment record created in NetSuite, upon import of the FBA fulfillment from Amazon Seller Central (into NetSuite).


The implementation of NetSuite SuiteSuccess AFA Standard ERP, coupled with the seamless integration between NetSuite and Amazon RedShift, has significantly enhanced Rebag’s capabilities in financial reporting, inventory management, CRM, and vendor management. This integration ensures a smooth data flow from RedShift to NetSuite, enabling effortless reports generation as per their need.

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