The Renewal Workshop


The Renewal Workshop is the leading provider of circular solutions for apparel and textile brands


Folio3 set up their back office on Oracle NetSuite (SuiteSuccess AFA Emerging edition), consolidating their day to day financials, procurement, inventory, production, sales, and CRM functions into a single system. Folio3 also integrated its Shopify web stores with NetSuite.

The Challenge

The Renewal Workshop needed to have all of its operational data reflected and managed from a single window, along with integrating its various Shopify Stores with NetSuite.


Folio3 implemented Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess AFA Emerging Edition on The Renewal Workshop’s back-office to streamline their everyday financial, procurement, inventory, production, sales and CRM data while connecting their ecommerce stores with NetSuite. Here’s how Folio3 helped The Renewal Shop:

  • Automation of key processes in the renewal business on the NetSuite platform.
  • Custom workflows for taking inputs, creating a renewal record, running it through the repair process, while tracking the costs and profitability at each stage, and then tracking the profitability of these Complex business scenarios.
  • Complete integration with the Shopify ecommerce platform via Folio3’s Shopify Connector for NetSuite


With the successful implementation of the ‘AFA SuiteSuccess Emerging edition’ and integrations with Shopify, The Renewal Workshop was able to manage their day to day business operations much more easily and from a single control panel. It allowed them to be more efficient and productive.

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