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Get the utmost value out of your NetSuite investment with our premium NetSuite Support services.

Our mission is to keep your NetSuite Projects running smoothly and on time while staying within your budget.

Run Your NetSuite Operations Smoothly With Folio3's NetSuite Managed Services

NetSuite ERP is a robust solution that offers a comprehensive suite of modules that solves the diverse needs of different industries. Not many companies can afford to have in-house NetSuite skills and expertise because this is neither cost-effective nor resource-efficient. 

To overcome these challenges, Folio3 is providing NetSuite Administrator outsourcing services. You expect a team of experts who will manage user access, configurations, data migrations, system maintenance, integrations, comprehensive training, and much more. This not only reduces the overhead costs but allows you to gain instant NetSuite support, round-the-clock.

Our Services


User Access Management

We offer full NetSuite user management, including role and permission control for data security and compliance, role-specific dashboards, and activity tracking for productivity and system integrity.


KPIs, Reports & Saved Searches

We facilitate users to create complex reports and advanced searches in NetSuite, helping extract relevant data and generate meaningful analytics for better decision-making



We also provide training sessions to your in-house NetSuite teams with the latest skills and knowledge needed to maximize NetSuite’s capabilities.


Personalization & Optimization

We customize NetSuite to fit your business’s unique needs and help with administrative tasks like managing dashboards, workflows, scripting, forms, permissions, and roles.


Integration Services

Use our NetSuite integration expertise for seamless data flow across your organization. We connect NetSuite with your existing systems whether it be eCommerce platforms, CRM, 3PL, or marketplaces. We provide full custom integration solutions as per your specific business needs


Application support for all NetSuite modules

We offer full NetSuite module support, ensuring peak performance across finance, CRM, sales, procurement, inventory, and project management, including issue resolution, user inquiries, and system enhancements tailored to your business needs

Additional Support Tasks

A list of the support tasks, but not limited to, that is usually requested by companies and seek help with.
  • SuiteScript
  • NetSuite project management
  • Workflows
  • Integration development and support
  • General NetSuite User Training
  • NetSuite CRM automation
  • Solution Design and Architecture
  • New NetSuite module implementation
  • General support across all NetSuite modules
  • SuiteCommerce development and configuration
  • Custom Integration development
  • Reports and saved searches in NetSuite
  • PDF and Email templates
  • Data migration and management
  • User access and permissions setup
  • Analytics and dashboard customization
If you want to get any additional support which is not listed above. Feel free to reach out and we would be more than happy to help!

Are you Ready to Optimize Your NetSuite Experience?

Why Choose Folio3 as Your NetSuite Administration Services Partner?

Folio3, an award-winning NetSuite Alliance partner,  with over 18 years of experience has a team of seasoned professionals who are equipped with technical expertise and are ready to help your teams with all things NetSuite. 
We aim to provide best-in-class support and help businesses get the most out of NetSuite without incurring extra overhead costs.
  • Dedicated Expertise:
    We have a dedicated team of NetSuite-certified professionals who bring years of experience to the table. They make sure that your NetSuite system runs smoothly. 
  • Proactive Support:
    It’s better to be proactive than reactive. With proactive NetSuite support, our teams will be closely monitoring your NetSuite instance, identifying and resolving issues before they even try to impact your business.
  • Cost-Efficient:
     Save your revenue streams from declining due to NetSuite system issues and overhead costs by outsourcing your NetSuite administration needs to us.
  • Customized Solutions:
    We provide full customization support as per your unique set of requirements. This helps you to maximize your NetSuite investment and use it to your best advantage.

Maximize your NetSuite investment with Folio3’s NetSuite Managed Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Folio3 managed services are for SMB companies who lack the in-house NetSuite skills and do not have sufficient budget to hire multiple resources for different NetSuite needs. Folio3’s seasoned NetSuite-certified professionals are here to help you with all your NetSuite instances. 

    If you lack sufficient funds to hire and train new employees, want to minimize your overhead cost, and keep your NetSuite up-to-date then you must avail Folio3’s specialized managed services that give you continuous support and build custom solutions for you.

    Yes, we prioritize data security. Folio3 has best practices in place and robust security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access or breaches.

    We offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team can maximize the benefits of NetSuite and operate it at an optimal level.

    Folio3 has 50+ prebuilt integration connectors that will connect your NetSuite account with any business system whether it be marketplaces, CRM, eCommerce platforms, 3PL, or much more. Also, all of our integrations are highly scalable and customizable. We also specialize in building custom integration according to your business requirements.