Aldar Properties


Aldar Properties, a leading real estate company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, specializes in developing, managing, and investing in high-quality properties. They are managing over 3,000 units in UAE and Canada. With a diverse portfolio, Aldar is committed to creating sustainable communities and delivering iconic real estate projects and therefore establishing a trusted name in the industry.


Folio3 implemented Oracle NetSuite ERP for Aldar Properties, resolving financial management challenges, streamlining property record keeping, and automating facility management. The implementation led to improved accuracy, efficiency, and real-time visibility into financials, property data, property tracking, maintenance, and facility operations. This resulted in increased productivity and empowered decision-making for Aldar Properties

The Challenge

  • Complex Financial Management due to multiple revenue streams, complex lease agreements, and varying cost structures for different property units.
  • Inefficient Property Record Keeping that led to errors, inconsistencies, and delays
  • Traditional manual methods of facility management were time-consuming and prone to inefficiencies.


  • Set up company structure, financial segmentation strategy, and core accounting operations in NetSuite
  • Configure Item Master (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Charges), Item Pricing (Price Levels), Unit of Measure, Item Pricing, and Item Transactions.
  • Setup Purchasing process that includes but is not limited to Vendor Master, Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, and payments, Vendor Return Authorizations, Vendor Return, Item Fulfillments etc.
  • Setup Sales process that includes but is not limited to Customer/Contact Master, Sales Orders, Sales Order Item Fulfillments (Pick, Pack, and Ship), Invoices, Customer Credit Memos, Customer Return Item Receipts, Shipping methods
  • Setup CRM processes along with support management for Lead to Quote cycle
  • Set up of Fixed Assets Module
  • Set up of Hr and Payroll Module
  • Case creation and its tracking
  • Implement analytics for insightful data analysis


Folio3 successfully implemented Oracle NetSuite ERP for Aldar Properties, revolutionizing their financial management and operational processes in the real estate sector. By streamlining financial processes, enhancing reporting capabilities, and improving overall efficiency, Aldar gained increased accuracy, visibility, and control over property maintenance, units, and leasing management. This empowered them to make informed decisions and drive productivity, ultimately benefiting their real estate operations.

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